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Another Day, Another Foul Ball Incident at a Spring Training Game

Bumbling, stumbling.

Father Abandons Child in Pursuit of Spring Training Baseball, Panic and Hilarity Ensue

What's really important in life?

Kate Upton Hung Out With the Detroit Tigers and Someone Wore an Incredible Swimsuit

Caption this.

Hot Hooters Ballgirl Interferes with Live Baseball During Spring Training Game

A Hooters ballgirl, clad in the orange booty shorts and the cropped top, picked up a live baseball during a Spring Training game yesterday and

J.P. Arenciba Does a Perfect Impression of ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian

Toronto Blue Jays catcher J.P. Arencibia does a pretty good Tim Kurkjian impression. With the “Baseball Tonight” spring training tour in town today,

Dude Saves Old Man By Catching Flying Bat with a Beer in His Hand

Via the Seattle Times comes one of the coolest pictures we've seen all day. During the fifth inning of a spring-training baseball game between the