Spring Break 2016

Panama City Beach Has Banned All Alcohol On The Beach During Spring Break 2016 Because They Hate Fun

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Late last night the City Council of Panama City Beach voted unanimously on a motion that's been talked about and threatened for years: to ban all alcohol on the beach during spring break.


Watch This Guy Prank Bros On Spring Break By Pretending They Met On Grindr


If you’re on spring break and some random man runs up to you and your friends claiming to have met you on Grindr, it’s obviously got to be for a prank video, or at least a dare.

spring break 2015

Girls Confess They Cheat On Boyfriends During Spring Break In PCB (VIDEO)


When we last checked into PCB, girls were telling the most ratchet thing that they have done on spring break.

Spring Break

This Group Of Bros Went To Lake Havasu For Spring Break And Pretended To Be An MTV Film Crew

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The obvious question after watching this video is: what is the payoff here.

university of colorado boulder

CU Boulder Threw Down HARD During Spring Break In Cabo San Lucas

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Ain’t nothing wrong with getting shitfaced off piña coladas while running around in Cabo San Lucas, and as you can see the students over at CU Boulder take their partying seriously.

spring break

That Spring Breaker Who Bit The Head Off A Hamster Has Been Kicked Out Of His Fraternity


Yesterday we brought you the bizarre story and video of what was being reported at the time of a Florida State University frat member biting the head off of a live hamster during spring break.


Video Shows Florida State Frat Member Biting The Head Off A Hamster On Spring Break, PETA Is Buggin’ Out


Warning: Unless you want to see an Florida State University frat member bite the head off of a live hamster, you should turn away now.

spring break

Spring Break Bro With A Death Wish Jumps Off Hotel Into Pool, Thinks He’s A Golden God


I hate to be the fun police, but holy shit don't ever do this, kids, no matter how turnt up you are at spring break.

spring break 2015

Fox News Visited Spring Break In Panama City Beach Again And Are Still Horrified At The Debauchery


Last year, Fox News sent a reporter to Panama City Beach, Florida get the scoop on what goes on at Spring Break.

spring break 2015

Girls Tell The Most Ratchet Thing They’ve Done On Spring Break And Wow There’s Been A Lot Of Sex On Panama City Beach


The pranksters over at FoolinTv took time out of their hilarious hijinx to take things more seriously and interview some lovely ladies on Spring Break at Panama City Beach.

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