France Just Held A Surfing Contest For Dogs And Suddenly I Don’t Hate The French So Much


This past Sunday the ‘Les Toutous Surfeurs’ took place in France, a surfing contest for righteous dogs willing to hop up on a board.


Watch This Kid Almost Lose His Junk By Over-Inflating And Then Exploding A Basketball


Did you know that over-inflating an exercise ball and then using it until it pops can cripple you.


Behold The Invisible Half Pipe—A BMX Biker Attached To A Swing


I want to say firstly that I started watching this video and was in no way impressed, and found it rather boring, then somehow got in to it and found myself captivated.


Better Sports Fan: College or Pro Football?


I think we can all agree that college football has this covered by a mile, right.

sports media

Katie Nolan Wins The Internet: ‘The NFL Will Never Respect Women As Long As The Sports Media It Answers To Doesn’t’

By | 2 Comments

If you're not familiar with Fox Sports' Katie Nolan, you have no idea what you're missing out on.


This Eagles Hype Video with Bradley Cooper and The Roots Will Make the City of Philadelphia Go Through a Roof


Every year, just a couple days before the NFL season kicks off, I get the same giddy feeling in my gut.


12 guys who were never afraid of a challenge


  Only a certain type of men can persevere when faced with incredibly difficult obstacles.

World Cup

Ranking the 10 best teams that failed to reach the World Cup finals


The 2014 FIFA World Cup kicks off on Thursday June 12th, just mere days away from now.


6 reasons to stop playing recreational sports immediately


  According to the 2009 Census, 269,998,000 million Americans participated in a recreational sports.

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