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Watch This Fantastic Compilation of Pissed Off Goalies

Many hockey fans will argue either goals, or possibly the fights, are the most exciting moments in a hockey game. This video proves otherwise.

The 20 Best Viral Sports Videos of 2013

Featuring Key and Peele's Nyquillus Dillwad, Dude Perfect, and, of course, TerRio killin' em.

One of the Dirtiest Plays You’ll Ever See Sent a Rugby Player to the Hospital Unconscious

Move over, Ndamukong Suh.

This Cool ‘World’s Fastest Race’ Video Profiles Daredevil Longboarder Douglas Dulua

"I found my freedom dropping a hill at 110km/h."

10 Intriguing Facts About the Olympic Games

Did you know that gold medals are made mostly of something other than GOLD? How about the reasons why the Olympic rings are the colors

North Carolina State’s Lorenzo Brown Nails 80-Foot Buzzer-Beater

North Carolina put a straight-up beating on North Carolina State last night, 74-55, but the Wolfpack's Lorenzo Brown turned in the highlight of

What Did You Think of Steve Williams’ Comments Regarding Tiger Woods After Yesterday’s Final Round?

Vindication. Validation. Vaginal rejuvenation -- to some metaphorical extent and because the word "career" doesn't fit as well into that sequence. That is

Tiger Woods’ Firing of Caddy Steve Williams Gets the NMA Treatment

According to an interview with TVNZ Steve Williams said, "I’ve lost a tremendous amount of respect for [Woods]. Through time, I hope that

Arizona Diamondbacks’ Shortstop Stephen Drew Broke His Ankle and You Should Watch it

Because it's not your ankle, and quite frankly, because I've suggested it like a gentleman. I have no idea what i'm typing, but if you

Brandon Jennings Goes Off Glass to Himself in Summer League Game

This was Shawn Kemps' signature dunk in the Sega Genesis blockbuster game, "Bulls vs Blazers."