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Cheesiest Lines We Love from Sports Movies

Insert Happy Gilmore line here.

25 Great Quotes from Bad Sports Movies

You'll never get the two hours back from watching these movies, but damn if these quotes don't make it worth it.

The Most Badass Sports Movie Montages

You better believe Rocky's run through Philadelphia makes this list. How badly do you want to watch Rocky IV now?

25 Best Fictional Teams Ever

Everybody get up, we've got to slam now. We've got a real jam going on, welcome to the Space Jam...

The 15 Most Punchable Faces in Sports Movies

While incurable, Punchable Face Syndrome can be treated with a series of fists delivered to the affected area. Like any other radical treatment, the process

The Best One-Liners in Sports Movie History

Pretty much every single line from Happy Gilmore and Caddyshack should be on here... 

50 Sports Movie Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Did you know that Al Pacino's epic final speech in Any Given Sunday was inspired by a speech by former NFL coach Marty Schottenheimer? Facts

18 Best Villains in Sports Movie History

Underdog sports movies would be nothing without their villains: The more talented guys, the cocky assholes, the White Goodmans. Let's rank these evil bastards.

4 Sport Scenes in Movies (by People Who Don’t Watch Sports)

The baseball scene in Twilight. LOLOLOLOL....

The 50 Worst Sports Movies

Including "MVP: Most Valuable Primate," a movie about a hockey-playing chimpanzee. No matter how high you are, it's still awful. 

20 Sports Movies That’ll Make You Cry, Hottest College Football Girls, and More Midweek Sport Links

Sports movies, hot college football babes, and some choice baseball news to contextualize the craziness that's gone down as of late. Scroll through for your

Official Trailer for ‘42’, The Real Life Story of Jackie Robinson

We all know the story of Jackie Robinson. But do we know the story of Jackie Robinson when it's set to a fiery Jay-Z track?

70 Hottest Women in Sports Movies

Hot women and sports. Enough said.

Relive ‘Hoosiers’ in 18 Incredibly Awesome Minutes

It took me all of 49 seconds to get all tingly. An intrepid filmmaker visited the sites made famous in “Hoosiers,” finding them relatively unchanged.

‘Goon’ Looks Like It’s Going to Be The Best Hockey Movie in a Long Time

Forgive us: This trailer for the upcoming hockey movie "Goon" came out last week and we completely forgot to post it. From the

Jon Gruden Dissects Game Tape from ‘Little Giants’

If you didn't like love the "Little Giants," my condolences go out to you for having a crappy childhood. Solid Verbal had the genius idea