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Want to See Charissa Thompson Dressed as a Sexy Santa?

Friendships have been ruined over the "Erin Andrews or Charissa Thompson?" question. For now, at least, Charissa has the edge. Hello, legs.

5 Things That RUIN ESPN

5. Brett Favre, Tim Tebow, Jameis Winston ESPN. Guys. You’re killing me here. Yes, the entire country’s interested in stories about Favre, Tebow, and Winston. But

In 2014, ‘Sportscenter’s’ New Set Will Be 10,000 Square Feet and Utterly Ridiculous

Making its debut sometime in 2014 is this studio—ESPN's new, absolutely enormous, 10,000 square-foot home for SportsCenter. It cost around $25 million to build, and

Inspire Yourself with This Excellent Compilation of ‘Great Moments in Sports Movies’

Here's something that might motivate you to do something. The man who brought you this pretty fantastic "sexy movie montage" has got himself into the

Gents, We Have the Worst Sports Column of 2013

John Wall doesn't deserve a max contract because he got tattoos paying tribute to his mother and the Raleigh "skyline." Right, guys?

The Boomer and Carton Radio Show Featured Spilled Piss Today

A producer spills a cup of urine, and we're left to wonder whether keeping urine on your desk is that great of an idea.

Catfight! Michelle Beadle Opens Up About Feud with Erin Andrews

Want to know what two of sports media's most famous people think about each other?

Bob Costas Rapped Ludacris Lyrics Last Night, and It Was Wonderful

Bob Costas called last night's Dodgers-Giants game for the MLB Network, and before things kicked off, Harold Reynolds asked Mr. You Should Feel These Nipples

Bill Walton Made Ray Lewis and Bill Simmons Jokes Last Night, Because Bill Walton DON’T CARE

The big news in Bristol this week was the Mothership's decision to suspend Bill Simmons from Twitter after he (correctly) called "First Take" out on its

Richard Sherman Owns Ultimate Troll Skip Bayless, Tells Him ‘I Am Better At Life Than You’

WOW. Sherman just comes out guns blazing here, huh? If he treated pretty much any other anchor like this, you'd be like, easy, dude. It's

Brent Musburger Doubles Down on ‘Horny Old Man’ Status, Calls Holly Rowe ‘Really Smokin’’

During last week's stupefyingly boring national championship game, ESPN's cameras trained for Katherine Webb for a surprisingly long period of time. Every person watching the

Rob Parker, Who Called Robert Griffin III a ‘Cornball Brother,’ Is Out at ESPN

Rob Parker's contract hasn't been renewed with ESPN—which shouldn't be a huge surprise, but it's still nice to see the company make the right call.

Here’s Rob Parker’s Completely Forced Apology for Calling RGIII a ‘Cornball Brother’

Last week, Rob Parker lowered the discourse on ESPN's "First Take" from where it stood orginally—somewhere around the ocean floor—to the bottom of the Marianas

Steve Young Says His Staredown of Rick Reilly Was a ‘Bro Stare’

Remember that death stare Steve Young gave Rick Reilly at the end of Monday night's Steelers-Chiefs game? The one that came after Reilly was caught,