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Alex Barker Made the Best Catch of the Little League World Series

Little Leaguer Alex Barker makes incredbile catch .

Is Your Favorite ‘Sport’ a Actually a Sport? This Poll Shows What People Consider a Sport

This debate will never end. Although it should...it really should.

Demba Ba is a Cheeky Bloke

From way downtown.

Atlanta Sportscaster Drops 22 Robin Williams Movie Titles Into His Report

Tough to do.

The Washington Redskins Had Quite the Dance Off Before Practice Today

Involving a 325-pound defensive lineman.

What If Athletes Had LinkedIn Pages?

Man, how annoying would Johnny Manziel be on LinkedIn?

Sports Cliches, Awesomely Illustrated

The dudes at Bleacher Report have partnered up with New York-based illustrator Henry Kaye for a really cool illustration of popular sports cliches.

An Instagram Guide to How NFL, NBA, and MLB Rookies Are Spending Their Money

After not getting paid to play college sports, a fresh crop of athletes are spending their checks on all sorts of ridiculous things.

The Only People in Sports Who Matter (to the Media)

Including the lovely Ms. Alex Morgan, every Bro's dream wifey.

17 Sports Moments That Will Make You Feel OLD

Mickey Mantle has been dead for 92 years.

Tiger Woods Clocked a Dude IN THE FACE With an Errant Drive

That's gotta hurt.

Dude Got Arrested After He Told A Newspaper That The Redskins Should Keep Their Name But Make The Mascot A Potato

Who doesn't like red potatoes?

Top 10 Most Powerful Athletes in Sports

It's amazing that Floyd Mayweather is still taken seriously after hanging out with Justin Bieber so damn much.

Things You Are Dead Wrong About in Sports

I bet you heard that story about Michael Jordan getting cut from his high school basketball team. Yeah, uh, you're wrong...

You Can’t Not Watch ‘The Wiggles’ Remix Of Luis Suarez Biting People

Because why the fuck not.

Bro Hosts Sports Show From His Bedroom, Takes Shots at Obama

A man's man's sport show.

MMA Fighting + Skydiving = People Beating The Snot Out Of Each Other 15,000 Feet In The Air

Probably the most insane video of the day.

Watch The Significantly Hotter Version Of The Lingerie Football League, But With Soccer

Less padding = less clothing.

The Ultimate Guide to Celebrities Who Suck at Sports

Wale is proof that you can love sports and still completely, absolutely suck at playing them.

Guess How Much These Sports Teams Sold For?

The Steelers were a steal. Pun intended.

Strictly 1980s: The Best Sports Fads from Sports’ Weirdest Decade

The synth pop decade.

The Social Sports You Will Play After College

It's the only way to stay in shape, make friends AND get drunk all at the same time.

The 16 Most Polarizing People in Sports

Yes, Johnny Manziel makes this list.

How Badly Did the Clippers Get Screwed Last Night?

Those calls?

Damn, This Is One Shitty Goal Ryan Miller Just Let In (GIF)

Welp, looks like it wasn't the best trade ever.

Dad Has Terrific Reaction to His Son Hitting His First Homerun

“Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Ben Spradley just hit one out of the park!”

The 16 Sickest Sports Jukes, Shakes and Crossovers in Sports History

So shifty.

Patrice Evra Scored a Goal and Gus Johnson Was Excited


15 Sports Apps You Never Knew You Needed

Sports 2.0

We Should All Join Mr. Mets’ BJ Club


LeBron James Dropped a Rap Song Today, It’s A Real Pile of Shit

Not going to sugar coat it: in the annals of April Fools pranks this will go down as one of the shittiest.

The New Brewers Mascot Hank the Dog Won Opening Day

Hank the Dog is the Mike Trout of 2014.

CHART: How Much Does It Cost to Propose in Every Major League Ballpark?

Pro-tip: Don't

This Badminton Rally (?) Is Truly Insane

We don't post a lot of badminton on the site.

Watch Massive Man Set New World Record by Deadlifting 1,155-pounds

Zydrunas Savickas. Strong. Lift heavy stuff. Eat protein. Break world records made by puny sissy boys.

Fictional Sports Toys We Would Kill For

Of course, the hoverboard is on this. The hoverboard will always be on this.

Piers Morgan Calls American Football ‘Girly,’ Says Pads Aren’t ‘Manly’

Go back to England, Piers Morgan. It is our birthright as red-blooded Americans to hate on anyone who hates on […]

15 Coolest Outdoor Venues in Sports

Making a bucket list? You'd do worse than to catch a round at the hallowed greens of Augusta or have a mint julep while betting

Any Sport Looks Gay When You Slow Down the Footage, Says Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel thinks a few sports in the Olympics might look a little gay. So he set out to prove […]

Grizzlies Mascot Super Grizz Powerbombs Wizards Fan Through Table in the Least Staged Stunt Ever

I’ve spent the last 10-minutes trying to figure out a way that this could have looked less staged, but I […]