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The 16 Sickest Sports Jukes, Shakes and Crossovers in Sports History

So shifty.

Patrice Evra Scored a Goal and Gus Johnson Was Excited


15 Sports Apps You Never Knew You Needed

Sports 2.0

We Should All Join Mr. Mets’ BJ Club


LeBron James Dropped a Rap Song Today, It’s A Real Pile of Shit

Not going to sugar coat it: in the annals of April Fools pranks this will go down as one of the shittiest.

The New Brewers Mascot Hank the Dog Won Opening Day

Hank the Dog is the Mike Trout of 2014.

CHART: How Much Does It Cost to Propose in Every Major League Ballpark?

Pro-tip: Don't

This Badminton Rally (?) Is Truly Insane

We don't post a lot of badminton on the site.

Watch Massive Man Set New World Record by Deadlifting 1,155-pounds

Zydrunas Savickas. Strong. Lift heavy stuff. Eat protein. Break world records made by puny sissy boys.

Fictional Sports Toys We Would Kill For

Of course, the hoverboard is on this. The hoverboard will always be on this.

Piers Morgan Calls American Football ‘Girly,’ Says Pads Aren’t ‘Manly’

Go back to England, Piers Morgan. It is our birthright as red-blooded Americans to hate on anyone who hates on [...]

15 Coolest Outdoor Venues in Sports

Making a bucket list? You'd do worse than to catch a round at the hallowed greens of Augusta or have a mint julep while betting

Any Sport Looks Gay When You Slow Down the Footage, Says Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel thinks a few sports in the Olympics might look a little gay. So he set out to prove [...]

Grizzlies Mascot Super Grizz Powerbombs Wizards Fan Through Table in the Least Staged Stunt Ever

I’ve spent the last 10-minutes trying to figure out a way that this could have looked less staged, but I [...]

25 Biggest Trash Talkers in Sports History

Trash talking in sports is an art form—one that Richard Sherman has drawn a ton of attention for in recent [...]

Is This the Worst Cheapshot In Sports History?

Has to be, right? I mean it’s bad enough knocking the guy down. But running across the field to kick [...]

Cricket Reporter Conducts Hilarious Interview After Eating Hot Chilis

Cricket is huge in New Zealand. It’s so big, in fact, that many people actually understand the rules. Lachlan Forsyth [...]

19 Most Notorious Non-PED Substance Abusers in Sports History

Note to bros: If you were hoping to find guys and gals like Barry Bonds, Lance Armstrong, and Marion Jones [...]

How to Pull off a Great Sports Photobomb

It's not enough to just go to a game anymore. You have to leave a mark. You need to put on your finest green suit

100 Funniest Sports Quotes in History

The only reason Ron Artest isn't on here more is Metta World Peace hogging a couple of quotes.

17 Funniest Athlete Arrests Ever

Florida Gator Antonio Morrison was once charged with "harassing an on-duty animal" after he barked at a K-9 dog named Bear. That's amazing. Below are

British Man Watches Football for the First Time, Provides Compelling Commentary

What if some British dude watched last year's BCS Championship Game and provided decidedly British commentary? It's a question that's plagued humanity since last year's BCS

The 15 Worst Fans in Sports

It's pretty frightening how many videos there are of people stealing baseballs from kids. That's a capital offense.

Here are the Most Badass Moments in Trash Talk History

Featuring Barkley—naturally—and Shaq's immortal words, "Kobe, tell me how my ass taste?"

Meet the Worst Drunk Sports Fans in the World

Being around drunk sports fans when you're sober is worse than going to a karoke bar sober. #hottake 

25 Amazing Photographs That Show Why Sports Is Always Better in the Snow

Admit it: The NFL's snow weekend made the Red Zone Channel worth the cost alone. Snow makes sports awesome.

Utah Bro Sets Record By Biking 500 Miles Across South Pole

Most of the country is dealing with temperatures that sound more like blood alcohol level readings. The freezing cold makes it impossible to get anything

MMA Fighter Doesn’t Seem Fazed By the Fact He No Longer Has a Nose

The photo above is cage fighter/permanent sinus infection sufferer Andy Eichholz. It was taken just after his fight this weekend against Wade Sauer. The fight

Athletes to Watch in 2014

I don't know who Taijuan Walker is. Do you?

Watch a Montage of 2013’s Most Awesome Sports Moments

If you can't get excited re-watching Chris Davis return 'Bama's field goal for a touchdown, you are dead inside. (Or an Alabama fan.)

30 Hot Women in Sports You Should Be Following on Instagram

Of course, McKayla Maroney is first. @JCamm_ would fire me if McKayla Maroney wasn't first. 

Here Are the 50 Coolest Sports Photos of 2013

Featuring Louisville celebrating, the NFL snow games, and of course, Lebron jumping on several poor dudes.

9 Ridiculous Sports Debates to Have This Week

The time between Christmas and New Year’s is a little slow on the sports front. (Unless you're laying some holiday gift lettuce on the Taxslayer.com

25 of the Most Ridiculous Sports Quotes Ever

Honestly, this could have just been Mike Tyson 25 times in a row.

20 Court-Storming Fails

So college. Such fail. Many bads. Wow. 

Just the Tip: Girls Don’t Understand Sports

Here is another snark-filled episode of Just the Tip, a show that teaches men the ins and outs of what women

Watch the Top 50 Sports Plays of the Year

Quick, try to think of the 50 best sports plays of 2013. We bet you can't. You're nothing but a stupid idiot with a memory

11 Devious Ways to Sneak Into a Sporting Event

We don't endorse breaking the law and tunneling into Lambeau Field. But if you must do it, at least follow these steps.

21 Most Ridiculous Drunken Sports Fans of 2013

Today we’re honoring the drunken idiots that made a big impression on us in 2013. Ready to laugh at a bunch of

22 Crazy Sports Fans Wearing Next to Nothing

Now, THIS is how you support your team. Ammirite? Ammmmmirite?