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There Will Be Bros: A ‘There Will Be Blood’ Spoof About Bros

Finally, a movie that asks a question Bros having been asking for many-a millennia: How far would you go to keep your side chick exclusive?

What Would Happen if ‘True Detective’s Rust Cohle Starred in the AT&T Roundtable Ads? Brilliance

"The cow says moo, the dog says bow wow, and what does God say, kids? Nothing. He ain't there."

Channing Tatum Brilliantly Spoofs The Jean-Claude Van Damme Split Video

Last week, Jean-Claude Van Damme took the Internet by storm and capurted America's heart once again (flagrant lie) by performing his famous split between two moving

‘Breaking Bad’ Was All Just a Dream During a ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ Episode

A while back there was a theory that Walter White was a dream, cooked up by bored house-husband Hal from Malcolm in the Middle.

Girls Night Out (GNO) Is a Song by a Middle-Aged Woman, and It is Fucking Awful

But you know what? It is apparently meant to be a terrible pile of shit. According to the YouTube description: "*Caution* Not meant for serious

Fat Booker DeWitt from ‘Bioshock Infinite’ Just Can’t Stop Eating

I'm past the point of no return with Bioshock Infinite where I can't wait to beat the damn thing and am willing to neglect a healthy

‘The Other Guy Code’ Breaks Down the Friend Zone

MTV2's Guy Code has hilariously broken down the "Friend Zone" in the past. The question is, what do some other types of guys think? How

The ‘Other Guy Code’ Breaks Down First Dates

If anyone is a fan of the show Guy Code on MTV2, you know those guys give some pretty funny advice on the everyday struggles

The Whites-Only Laundromat Is Having Some Trouble

Hey, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

It’s a Damn Shame That This Phenomenal Trailer for ‘Cereal Killers’ Isn’t for a Real Movie

Kickstarter time? 

Conan Spoofs the iPad Mini with a Commercial for the ‘iPad Mini Mega’ and the ‘iPad Mini Mega Micro’

The consensus is out: iPad Mini might be the most pointless Apple product to date. What's the point of a device that does the exact

NFLShop.com Commercial Spoof With Stephen Jackson

The NFL has been running commercials featuring NFL stars talking to regular Dudes. This one with Steven Jackson talking to a guy named "J-Bone" must

Here’s the Leaked iPhone 5 Promo Video

The iPhone 5 only does one thing, but it does it really, really well.

The ‘Lego Wire’ is Worth Your Time

“The Wire” was a very adult show. Legos are a very kid-friendly toy. Combining the two results in something the entire family can enjoy.

SNL Mocks Verizon’s 4G LTE Commercials, Clint Eastwood’s Super Bowl Spot for Chrysler, and Nic Cage

Three noteworthy spots on SNL last night. Cell phone commercials are obnoxious. Verizon's perhaps are the worst with their meaningless technobabble and alpha-numeric marketing buzzwords.

Watch Apple Scotland’s New Commercial for Siri

As you can imagine, the language barrier when it comes to using the iPhone 4S's Siri can be quite difficult. Here's funny guy Gavin McInnes'

Watch the Spoof Trailer for ‘Drink’, a Parody of ‘Drive’

The same guys who dropped "The Brocial Network" and "The Frat Tree of Life" last year are back with another perfect parody, this

‘I Got A Whopper In The Car’: The Eight Best, Artery-Clogging Rick Ross Parodies On the Internet

Is it just us or are there a lot of Rick Ross spoofs on the Internet, mostly making fun of his gargantuan appetite? Here's

The 15 Funniest Fake Funny or Die Products

There's quite a few items I'd like to see invented before I kick the bucket: A flying car, a microchip to embed in my nose