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NFLShop.com Commercial Spoof With Greg Jennings

The NFL now runs commercials with the League's stars shooting the shit with regular dudes. This ad—much like the one starring Stephen Jackson—must have somehow

Norway’s Ylvis Gives Us The Best Parody Music Video About Hot Tubs You’ll See Today

Don't take this too seriously, kids. It's by a band called "Ylvis," which is basically a Norwegian, Fjord-friendly "Lonely Island" knock-off. It's about

VIDEO: The Ferd F-Teenthousand Truck Commercial Spoof Is All Kinds of Awesome

Knowing my affinity for trucks and beards, my colleague Waffles McButter passed along this video while I was somewhere between my second and fifth cup

VIDEO: Capri Anderson Starred in a Charlie Sheen P*rn Spoof Before Alleged Encounter at the Plaza

Remember Capri Anderson? How could you forget her. She's the high-priced hooker/adult entertainment star who claims Charlie Sheen locked her in a bathroom at New