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This Summer’s 7 Best BBQ Life Hacks

Make grilling easier.

The 10 Commandments of Bromance

This isn't Nam. There are rules.

5 Bacon-Based Snacks That Are Better Than The Real Thing


Obsessed Gamer Girl Really, Really Hates the Campers In ‘Battlefield 4’

// If you've played Battlefield 4 or any other first-person shooter online, you know EXACTLY what a camper is. Hardcore -- and even plenty of casual -- gamers

You Can’t Unsee the ‘Movie 43’ Red Band Trailer

"Movie 43" promises to be the most inappropriate, star-filled film in cinematic history. And it's red band trailer is off the hinges with bold language.

The Red Band Trailer for ‘That’s My Boy’ DVD Vulgarly Proves It’s Never Too Early To Father A Son

Wait, I totally messed up that headline. What I meant to say is "it's never to late to be a father to your son," should

The Facts About Chubbies ‘Mericas Shorts

It’s F’in America Time. Get ready.

Test Page Contents

Leela's gonna kill me. Now, now. Perfectly symmetrical violence never solved anything. The key to victory is discipline, and that means a well made bed.

Liquid Flow Announces Week-Long Back-to-School Sale

Liquid Flow is excited to announce that for the next week they will be having a back-to-school sale. From today through August 22, every pair

At ‘Friends with Benefits’ Premiere, Hanging with Mila Kunis, Emma Stone, Axe, and Darryl Strawberry

Earlier this week, I attended the "Friends with Benefits" premiere at the Ziegfeld Theater, which, according to a quick Google search, is the largest single