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Watch Steve Aoki Teach Michael Phelps How to Do the Raver Cake Toss

Fact: No one can toss a cake in a raver's face better than Steve Aoki. After years of honing his craft, his form is now

Guy Walks Into a Bar: Fails to Make Magic in a Number of Ways

Guyism's Ryan Jones tried to make magic happen in a bar (literally and figuratively). Things didn't turn out so hot for him. 

This Chimp Is Quite Proficent With a Machete

A few week after we told you about the new "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" movie, opening August 5, you saw videos of

VIDEO: Security Cam Footage of a Drifter Going Through a Carl’s Jr. Drive-Thru

We got our hands on some crazy security footage from Carl’s Jr. of a drive-thru drifting gone wrong.

EXCLUSIVE: BroBible and Remington Present ‘Keep it Hairy?’ Music Video

Remington Video Hairy Shaved

Body hair. Should it stay and grow in all its magnificent holiness or should