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Watch Steve Aoki Teach Michael Phelps How to Do the Raver Cake Toss

Fact: No one can toss a cake in a raver's face better than Steve Aoki. After years of honing his craft, his form is now

Guy Walks Into a Bar: Fails to Make Magic in a Number of Ways

Guyism's Ryan Jones tried to make magic happen in a bar (literally and figuratively). Things didn't turn out so hot for him. 

This Chimp Is Quite Proficent With a Machete

A few week after we told you about the new "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" movie, opening August 5, you saw videos of

VIDEO: Security Cam Footage of a Drifter Going Through a Carl’s Jr. Drive-Thru

We got our hands on some crazy security footage from Carl’s Jr. of a drive-thru drifting gone wrong. Pretty awesome driving skills, except…

EXCLUSIVE: BroBible and Remington Present ‘Keep it Hairy?’ Music Video

Body hair. Should it stay and grow in all its magnificent holiness or should men hack it off so the ladies can see our smoothness