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Make Better Decisions Than Dustin Johnson, Win $20,000 This Week

Let the winning begin.

The Men of ‘Sex Tape’ Discuss the Merits of Having a Dedicated Dick Pic Photographer

It's a tough job but does someone have to do it?

Why Am I Broke? Infographic Shows What Guys Are Spending Most of Their Money On

Show me the money! Or, at least show me where it went.

Want to Win a Trip to the Summer’s Most Anticipated Music Festival in Chicago?

Of course you do.

These Vine Geniuses Played a Game of Scare Cam Tag and It Was Hilarious

Recently, a bunch of well known Vine personalities played a game of scar cam tag on Vine, hilarity did what hilarity always does.

5 Elaborate Date Ideas That She Will Love You For

There’s an understandable pressure all men feel during courtship that causes them to freak out and make bad decisions.

A Bro’s Guide to the First Date

If we could, bros would avoid first dates like the bubonic plague.

Keeping the Party Going After College Graduation

You need a guide to keeping the party going while you’re in the real-world with real-world responsibilities.

Behold! The Top 10 Responses From Our #ThatAwkwardBroment Contest

We received tons of responses and the top 10, which are below, are all getting a copy of the That Awkward Moment DVD which comes

The Philips Norelco Click & Style Takes on a Wedding

Fresh to death.

Share Your Most Awkward Moments on Twitter With the #ThatAwkwardBroment Hashtag, Win Prizes

In celebration of That Awkward Moment being released on DVD we are doing a competition on Twitter of the best awkward stories from our readers.

5 Drinking Games to Play on Cinco De Mayo With Your Neighbors

Yo soy fiesta.

8 Rap Beefs That Ended Amicably

What's beef?

Here Are the Best Moments from Our Twitter Takeover with the Stars of ‘Neighbors’

On the 24th, BroBible went to the University of Arizona to hang with Neighbors stars Dave Franco, Jerrod Carmichael, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

Joey Bada$$ presents ‘Mr. Wonderful’, Phil Davis’ Hype Track for UFC 172

Joey Bada$$ presents "Mr. Wonderful" An exclusive hype track produced by Kirk Knight for UFC Light Heavyweight, Phil Davis.

Bros! Take Part in Our Twitter Q&A with Stars from the New Frat Comedy ‘Neighbors’

Ever want to chat with Superbad legend Christopher Mintz-Plasse or 21 Jump Street star Dave Franco or hilarious comedian Jerrod Carmichael?

Come Party with BroBible and Use JagerBonds in Brooklyn on Thursday Night

Bros. If you are in Brooklyn next Thursday night, April 17, the BroBible editorial team will be out at Brooklyn Bowl...

10 Things Every Guy Needs to Know But Is Afraid to Ask

It’s hard to tell what guys actually know how to do nowadays because so much information is accessible through your phone and/or the Internet.

Tired of Headphones That Can’t Handle Your Lifestyle? Try the Relays

We've all been had a lousy pair of earbuds that couldn't handle our active lifestyle.

Chris Webber on the Final Four, Fashion and If He Could Still Play

Down in front.

Watch the NSFW 5 Scariest Things That Can Happen on Spring Break

Haunted House 2 just put together a list of the five scariest things that can happen on Spring Break.

REMINDER: You Have Only a Few Days Left to Ultimate Music Festival Package from Schick Hydro®

Time is running out!

Finally, a Pair of Headphones Made For Someone Who Lives Their Life to the Fullest

As Bros who get fired up and live life to the fullest, sometimes certain things can't keep up with us.

We Made the Perfect Spotify Playlist to Get You Hyped for March Madness

The greatest spectacle in sports begins in just a short amount of time: the NCAA Tournament.

Sun’s Out, Guns Out: A Playlist to Crush It Spring Break Style

Crush it with these old and new school jams.

How to Watch March Madness at Work With the Help of Music

Our handy cheat sheet.

Win Tickets to See, Meet, and Even Hang Out with Pusha T on Tour

Want to win the chance to meet and hangout with Pusha T?

The Most Legendary Artists You’ll Hear at SXSW

Heading to Austin this week? Play it right and you’ll catch one of these amazing performers playing a show. We’ve […]

Why Every Bro Wishes He Were Denis Leary

Let’s be honest. You aren’t exactly how you’d like to be. That’s alright. None of us are.

NYC Bros, Get Yourself a Free Tattoo This Weekend (No, Seriously, a Free Tattoo From Very Talented Artists)

Let’s be honest. Most free giveaways suck. A bottle opener here; a key chain there; maybe if you’re lucky a […]

You Can Turn a Quarter Into Hundreds of Dollars Playing 1-Day Fantasy Basketball

Playing 1-Day Fantasy Basketball has never been easier when you play the NBA Quarter Arcade from our friends at DraftKings. You can turn […]

Ask a Broad: An Edition of Our Mailbag Where Ilana and Abbi From ‘Broad City’ Answer Your Questions

If this week's Ask a Bro looks a little different, it's because it is. For one week only, Abbi and Ilana from Comedy Central's Broad City (Wednesdays

Ask a Broad: An Edition of Our Mailbag Where Ilana and Abbi From ‘Broad City’ Answer Your Questions

If this week's Ask a Bro looks a little different, it's because it is. For one week only, Abbi and Ilana from Comedy Central's Broad City (Wednesdays

You Gotta Be Fresh In 2014 and These Lifehacks Will Help Get You There

We're all just trying to get through our days, weeks, months, years and lives in the easiest way possible. That's why lifehacks have become such a

Bros! Buy Tickets to the Hangout Fest and See Outkast and the Black Keys on the Beach

You're on a beach located on the gulf coast of Alabama. You're eating seafood prepared by local chefs while girls in bikinis walk by. And 20

How to Crush Happy Hour: A Bro’s Guide to Afterwork Drinks

You’re at the office. The clock’s hands tick ever so slowly toward 5. You question how the day has taken this long, then you question

Bros! Sign Up for Pepsi Experience and Win Signed Jerseys, Tailgate Gear, and More

Pepsi is sponsoring this year's Super Bowl halftime show. It's set to be a banger, with Bruno Mars performing all his hits. But whether you're watching for

The All-Time Most Untameable Facial Hair

No Shave November may be in the rear-view, but has it left our hearts? Nay. Here's the most untameable facial hair in history.

5 Snacks You’ll Need While Breaking in Your New Console

Your first week with a new console is a marathon. A dogged, 168-hour time spent curb-stomping zombies, juking Patrick Willis, and finally finishing off that

In Which the BroBible Editorial Team Remembers Their Worst Hangovers

We've all had those mornings -- those miserable mornings that usually follow glorious nights -- when our heads feel like someone chucked a spear through our eye; when the