Hot Girl, Tequila & Not Just Any Black Wednesday

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Tonight, AKA Thanksgiving Eve, is widely regarded as the best bar night of the year.

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22 Things To Look Forward To During Thanksgiving Break


Believe it or not the holiday season has crept up on us and is only weeks away.

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Watch Two Bros Use HILARIOUS Pickup Lines On Women As Given To Them By Hottie Audrina Patridge

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There’s nothing that feels quite so bad as laying down a stinker of a pickup line and getting rejected, but throwing out a bad line intentionally.


This Exclusive Clip From ‘The Interview’ Features James Franco As A Depraved Talk Show Host


The Interview, starring James Franco and Seth Rogen opens nationwide on December 25, 2014.

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22 Things I Would Do If I Went Back To College


My parents once told me that college was about finding out who you are.

dumb and dumber

Two Bros Took The ‘Dumb and Dumber’ Shaggin’ Wagon To Arizona State University To Tailgate


In honor of Dumb and Dumber To hitting theaters NEXT WEEK on Nov 14th, two bros from Barstool Sports are going around to various campuses in the actual 'Mutt Cutts' van tailgating and partying with some of our nation's best and brightest.

costume contest

Behold! The Top 10 Halloween Costumes From Our #BuddyCostume Contest


A few days ago we asked you to share your halloween costumes on Twitter using the hashtag #BuddyCostumes.

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