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John Daly is Wearing SpongeBob SquarePants Pants at the 2014 Open Championship Today

He's also wearing pink shoes.

Crowd-Surfing Spongebob Hilariously Disrupts Kill Paris EDM Set

I know next to nothing about the DJ Kill Paris—don't kill me, EDM heads!—so I can't say if he's an idiot who OF COURSE would

You Won’t Be Able to Get Enough of ‘Plankton’s Heist’, a Dramatic Spongebob ‘Inception’ Parody

I am not exactly sure what the plot is here. There either is none, or it's just way, way too over my head. Something to

Watch SpongeBob Square Pants Get In A Fight With Two Women and Get Arrested

Last week, it was Gumby robbing a 7-11. This week, it's a deranged SpongeBob Square Pants starting a fight with two women, getting his ass