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What If All The Spiders Disappeared?

If you think a world with spiders lurking in every dark nook and cranny is a nightmare, you don't want to know how terrifying a

VIDEO: Bee Kills Spider to Save Other Bee and I’m Unsure How I Feel About That

Nature loves violence.

The Most Terrifying Vine Ever Is Full of Spiders

DAMMIT, NATURE. You scary.

This Mother’s Prank on Her Daughter is the Meanest Ever

And yet, it cracked me up. 

Chris Christie Killed a Spider, Which Delighted Children and Enraged PETA

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is under fire from PETA after video of showing him – GASP -- squishing a spider during a meeting with

We Dare You to Watch This Video of a Gigantic Worm Crawling Out of a Dead Spider’s Belly

My God, why have you forsaken us and left us to live on a planet where shit like this happens? GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

A Bro Tries to Kill a Spider By Punching Wall, Creates Big Problem

As soon as this video started rolling, I began to root for something bad to happen to this guy. His voice is extremely grating. It