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16 Ways to Keep Your Sperrys from Smelling Gross

Hey Bros! Boatshoe Bobby here. I've been drinking gimlets in Nantucket all summer, asking all the blondes on the island the most enduring question of our

Bros, Sick of Your Boat Shoe Laces Coming Untied? There’s a Kickstarter Invention for That…

I can't believe someone thought of this.  I also can't believe I have an anecdote to illustrate why this invention is so genius. After a few years

Lance Diamond: Sperrys and Rainbows Suck Official Dubstep Remix

Here's a Dubstep Remix by DJ J-Mo of Lance Diamond's now infamous "Sperrys and Rainbows Suck" rant. 

Lance Diamond, The V.T. Student Who Hates Rainbows and Sperry’s, Gets the Anderson Cooper Treatment

Last week, we told you about Lance Diamond, the freshman at Virginia Tech threatening to sue Rainbow and Sperry for ruining his college experience. Somehow,

Freshman at Virginia Tech Rants About His Newfound Hate For Rainbows and Sperry’s

Lance Diamond is a Freshman at Virginia Tech. Lance wants to meet people, be a frat star, and wear certain Bro-footwear. But Lance has delicate