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Spain Has It Right, Wants to Arrest Man For Taking Selfie


That Town Where the Chick Blew 24 Dudes For Some Free Champs Is Making Some New Laws

Talk about your No Fun League.

Did a Tourist in Spain Blow 24 Men for a Bottle of Champagne?


David Villa Scored an Extremely Fancy Goal for Spain


A Chilean Bro Just Digitally Trolled Spain IRL


Spain Are on the Cusp of Elimination, and This GIF Pretty Much Sums Up Their Performance


Robin van Persie’s Incredible Header is the Only Thing People are Talking About This Morning


You Have to Hear This Univision Announcer’s Reaction to Spain Winning a Penalty Kick

Vaguely human.

Half-Naked Spanish Woman Falls Through Well While Sexing

If there was ever a sign that your thinking goes COMPLETELY out the window when you're horny, it's this.

Cameras Capture High-Speed Train Derailing in Spain

The worst train crash in Spanish history occurred yesterday, killing 78 people and injuring hundreds more. The high-speed train may have been traveling twice the

Man Dies After Winning Town-Wide Beer Drinking Contest in Spain

There is a point at which you've had too many pints of beer. This man had that amount.

Illegal Immigrant’s Plan to Enter Spain Disguised as Car Seat Somehow Fails

Hey, at least he gets some serious points for creativity.

An Elderly Woman Took It Upon Herself to Restore an Historic Fresco, and This Was the Result

Two weeks ago, the granddaughter of Elias Garcia Martinez donated funds to a northeastern Spanish church with the hope of restoring the artist's 19th century

Sports Links for July 2: Olympic Faceplant Edition

Here's the best from our friends in the sports world today.

Spain Destroys Italy, 4-0, Wins Euro 2012

Throughout Euro 2012, defending champion Spain was criticized for playing a boring brand of football.

Euro 2012: Five Questions About Spain vs. Italy

After watching Germany lose to Italy in Thursday’s second semifinal, the first thing that came to my mind was “two years.” That’s how long German

Euro 2012: 10 Things To Know About Portugal-Spain

This afternoon marks a battle of the Iberian Peninsula in the first of two two Euro 2012 semifinals. There's not much else going on this

Euro 2012: Five Questions About Spain-France

Spain has never beaten France in a major competition, but are heavy favorites to win Saturday’s Euro 2012 quarterfinal. The game presents the most anticipated

Spain’s Goalkeeper Picks His Nose Then Wipes Hand on Child’s Face

Atta boy, Iker! What better way to knock that little sh*t down a few pegs than to pretend his face is the wall

Nelleke Verkaart in FHM Spain is Not Something You Want to Miss

Good gravy. When you see Nelleke Verkaart's exposed cans in FHM Spain it will make your day. Or at the very least, keep you

Watch an Australian Tourist Get Gored at Pamplona’s Running of the Bulls

On the second day of Pamplona's running of the bulls in Spain, a 25-year-old Australian man was gored in the leg after "taunting"