iphone 6

Watch An iPhone 6 Get Dropped From Space AND IT DOESN’T BREAK


The chances that you’ll need an iPhone case that’ll let you drop your phone from space without breaking is slim, but who cares.


We’re About To Learn A Shit Ton Of Shit About Pluto


You'd be surprised how little we know about Pluto.


5 NASA Projects You Wish You Learned About In School


Shutterstock You’ve probably heard about the Rosetta mission by now.

jose canseco

Jose Canseco Wants To Start Using Comets As Interstellar Taxis In An Attempt To Remind Everyone He’s An Idiot


Not being a huge fan of sports in general, I didn’t know who Jose Canseco was until he appeared on The Celebrity Apprentice in all of his “durr” glory.


Oh Shit: NASA Blew Up That Rocket on Purpose


Remember that crazy video of an Antares Rocket blowing up shortly after take off in Virginia the other day.

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