international space station

Ever Wonder How Astronauts Go To The Bathroom On The International Space Station? Here’s How And It Looks Terrifying!


When you think about the astronauts in the International Space Station you think of the awe-inspiring views and the critical experiments they're conducting.

space is dope

We’re About To Crash A Robot Into Mercury Because Hell Yea We Are


The Mercury messenger probe is about smash into the planet's surface.


NASA’s Chief Scientist Claims We’ll Find Alien Life Within 10 Years–And I Hope They Like To Party


The dude talking to himself in the Subway station has been mumbling this for years and just because he was drooling down his chin, we all turned a deaf ear to it.

space porn

NASA Shares Awe-Inspiring Video Of Greatest Images Of The Sun


NASA launched the Solar Dynamics Observatory into space on February 11, 2010 to help scientists better understand the sun.

iphone 6

Watch An iPhone 6 Get Dropped From Space AND IT DOESN’T BREAK


The chances that you’ll need an iPhone case that’ll let you drop your phone from space without breaking is slim, but who cares.

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