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Is There a Dude Just Chilling on the Moon Right Now?

Short answer, no. Long answer, maaayybe? We can hope.

If You Have Nothing to Do Tonight, ‘Cosmos’ Is Now On Netflix

Yea. dude. Yea.

Tonight’s Supermoon Is the Most Supermoon of All the Supermoons

The trillest.

Uhh, Guys… We Almost Died of Asteroid This Morning

Sapce rocks go bump in the night.

The First Food Man Ever Ate on the Moon Was… You Guessed It. Bacon.

It's like they new we'd get excited about it 46 years from now.

An Astronaut Talks About a UFO Sighting He Had in Space

An astronaut thinks he might have seen a UFO when he was aboard the ISS.

5 Mind-Blowing Things Found in the Solar System

You look up in the sky and see nothing but black, but there's some more than meets the eye.

We All Almost Died From a Giant Asteroid Yesterday… And That’s Just the Beginning of the Story

Yesterday while you were enjoying your Presidents Day, a massive asteroid that’s about the size of three football fields flew […]

5 Real Planets Way Weirder Than Anything in Science Fiction

See that planet down there? It's relatively close to Earth and looks blue enough to inhabit one day. Nice planet. Except it's raining fucking glass at

Penn State Students Are Trying to Crowdfund a Trip to the Moon

If a group of students and faculty in State College have their way, the list of countries to send manned or unmanned vehicles to the moon will

A NASA Astronaut Took a Selfie for Instagram On a Space Walk, Nullifying All Other Selfies Ever

On December 24, NASA astronaut Mike Hopkins took this selfie with good ole Earth in the background during a Spacewalk outside the International Space Station.

We’re All Gonna Die in 2032

Do whatever you want because a massive asteroid is going to kill us all in 19 years.

Astronaut Performs Music Video Version of ‘Space Oddity’… In Space

Possibly because my parents never sent me to Space Camp, I've spent the last few weeks living vicariously through astronaut Chris Hadfield, who's been active

Ever Want to Know How to Puke in Space? Well, Here You Go

So you're out with your bros, just crusing around at an orbital altitude of, like, 270 miles, when all of a sudden that freeze-dried Sailor

Astronaut Wrings Out Wet Washcloth in Space—Trust Me, It’s Cool

International Space Station commander Chris Hadfield—who is the definition of a must-follow on Twitter—has made a name for himself by being one of the most

Watch a Guy Fly an RC Plane to Space

David Windestål tied an RC plane to a balloon, sent it all the way up into Felix Baumgartner's domain, then released the plane from the

A Porn Star Is Training to Be the First Porn Star in Space

Banging in Zero-Gs needs to happen in our lifetime... 

Want to Go to Mars? A Reality TV Show Wants to Send You There

Something tells me that this may be a perfect opportunity for any adventurous bros out there. A Netherlands-based non-profit organization called Mars One is looking

Watch Felix Baumgartner Free Fall from Space [UPDATE: Mission Postponed ‘Till Wednesday]

Felix Baumgartner is about to jump from 120,000 feet. Yes, he is tougher than you.

You Might Want to Watch This NASA Video of the International Space Station While Tripping on Shrooms

Can't deny the psychedelic badassness of this video. Via Knate Myers comes an epic timelapse shot from the International Space Station. Every frame is photograph

Can You Identify this Flying Object?

I don’t believe in anything extraterrestrial. Brandon is a little more open-minded. Perhaps you’ll be as well after seeing this footage shot from

Playb*y Wants to Build a Zero-Gravity ‘Pleasure Hub’ in Space

No longer content with publishing magazines, opening Vegas night clubs, or hosting parties at The Mansion, Playboy's looking to step it's game up by

Thanks to Two Bros, Natty Light Officially Becomes the First Beer in Space

On November 18, 2011, Natty Light officially became "The First Beer In Space." Two Patagonia-clad Bros named Danny and Rich -- with the

An Absolutely Sublime, Mild-Melting Time Lapse Video of Earth From International Space Station

This epic time lapse video has been pinging around the Internet all day, and, well, you need to watch it. It's easily the

PHOTO GALLERY: Astronaut Douglas Wheelock’s 30 Coolest Twitpics of Earth from Space

The photo you're looking at above is of New York City. Hard to tell? Turn your laptop screen upside down and you'll probably be able