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Natural Redhead Kicked Out Of School For Being ‘Too Ginger’, Not Because She Doesn’t Have A Soul

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A 17-year-old girl whose natural hair color is Auburn but who dyes it to be even more 'Ginger' has been kicked out of school for weeks.

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Guy Uses Google Translate App To Break Out Curse Words We Haven’t Heard Since The ‘South Park’ Movie


We're living amidst the Golden Age of technology, one where every piece of information in recorded history is accessible in seconds.

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‘South Park’ Let Us Know What Would Happen If Bill Cosby And Taylor Swift Sat On A Couch Together


Comedy Central We knew South Park was going to do something inappropriate with Bill Cosby's character on their holiday special.

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Respect My Authoritah: The 50 Best ‘South Park’ Episodes Of All Time

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South Park is fast becoming a TV institution on par with legendary shows like The Simpsons, and, uh… The Simpsons.

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This Is What The Kids From ‘South Park’ Would Look Like In Real Life


Ever wonder what the kids from South Park would look like in real life.

south park

‘South Park’s’ ‘Please Drink Responsibly’ Ad Is The Best Damn Drinking Ad We’ve Ever Seen


In last night's "Freemium Isn't Free" episode of South Park they dropped the world's greatest drinking ad.

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Harvard Is Offering A Class On How To Have Anal Sex And It Has The Greatest Name Ever


Most universities host a sex week-- an entire weeks of classes and workshops designed to teach students about doing the dirty in a safe way.

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