Man Overcomes A Lifetime Of Crippling Fear…By Biting The Goddamn Head Off A Hamster In Front Of Children


Professor Yu, 44, is a teacher at a boarding school in South Korea, and he has spent his entire life living with a crippling fear of rats.


Condom Stocks Soar 15% After South Korean High Court Decriminalizes ‘Adultery’


The highest court of South Korea has struck down an antiquated law concerning adultery.

christmas cheer

North Korea Wants To Bomb South Korea’s Christmas Tree


Definitely the responsible, adult way to handle the matter.


The Women Of Korea Are Going Gaga For Pubic Hair Implants


In the good Korea, this season's hottest trend has emerged and it's pubic hair implants for women, a procedure which starts at $2,000.

South Korea

This South Korean Woman Makes $9,000 a Month Letting People Watch Her Eat Online


Park Seo-yeon is a South Korean lady making a killing off her country's new craze, "gastronomic voyeurism.


Korean teacher beats student then masturbates for some reason


A teacher at a coed school in Seoul, South Korea completely lost his mind.

The Host sequel

First footage from ‘The Host 2′ is great


One of the best Korean horror movies of recent years is getting a sequel.

weird South Korea

South Korea sics robot with laser and acoustic weapons on… birds


Most people, when they put together a scarecrow, find some straw, some old pants and paint a funny face on it.


Korean ‘Rape’ vegetables is probably a bad translation


I'm going to assume this photo we had sent to us from South Korea introducing the Korean "Rape" brand of vegetables is probably just a mistranslation.

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