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VIDEO: This Penguin Wanted to Go to a People Restaurant, So He DID

Great penguin initiative.

GoPro Video of a Bike Robbery at Gunpoint Is (Maybe?) Real

As with everything online, skepticism is a powerful tool.

Bogus Interpreter from Nelson Mandela Memorial Being Investigated for Murder

Just when you thought the Nelson Mandela fake interpreter story couldn't get any stranger, something like this happens.

Here’s Proof That Baseball-Sized Hail Could Probably Kill a Small Child

"Oh, the weather outside is weather..." Hail storms are usually fun to watch, but we'd imagine they're not that enjoyable when you're simultaneously hoping your

Speaking of South Africa, We Think You’ll Enjoy Getting to Know Durban’s Shane Van Der Westhuizen

While we're on the subject of South Africa, allow us to introduce you to another lovely lass from that fair land in the South

Hey, Let’s Watch A Mountain Biker Get Taken Out By an Antelope

Evan van der Spuy is a South African mountain biker who rides for Team Jeep South Africa. During a recent race at the

Sports Illustrated’s South African Swimsuit Edition Is Undeniably Awesome

It seems like there's hardly a week when we don't post about the lovely ladies of South Africa. Yesterday's afternoon edition of Hot Clicks

Shashi Naidoo is Looking Hot In FHM South Africa

Stare at a few photos of Shashi Naidoo in FHM South Africa as you continue to recover from the not-so-earth-shattering earthquake of 2011.