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The Great One Told Dustin Johnson To Chill With The Partying Or The Wedding To Paulina Is Off

Big toss up between Paulina and powder.

Ranking the 6 Worst Drunk Injuries One Can Suffer During a Night of Partying

When we drink, good things aren’t the only things tend to happen. Lots and lots of bad things can happen too. This can be anything

5 Key Ingredients for an Epic Saturday Fraturday

It’s that magical time again: the weekend. The days dedicated to slacking off, hooking up, and going ham. We know you have been looking forward

How to Master the Art of the Backhanded Compliment for When It Comes to Hitting on Chicks

Every man knows the excellence that is a backhanded compliment, a phrase that first seems nice, but ends with cutting down all of someone’s confidence. It’s

Bro Gets Drunk, Naked, and Steals a Bobcat Front Loader

Sorry for partying....

There’s a Decent Chance You’ll Be Considered An Alcoholic Next Year

The American Psychiatric Association is updating the Diagnostic and Statistic Manual of Mental Disorders, which is the go-to source for doctors and other professionals when

Watch a Drunk Brewers Fan Pee Himself After Falling Down In Front of a Cop

Via A.I. at Guyism comes this absolute gem. Bad timing for that fall, buddy.