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This Awful Kappa Kappa Gamma University of Pittsburgh Sorority Video Is a Blast from the Past

For a hot second last week, I almost thought it was time to wrap it up and call it a day with sorority recruitment videos

So Is This Hot Adult Film Star an LSU Sorority Girl Or Not?

This story is twisted but here’s what we know so far — a very hot girl claiming to be in college was in an adult

‘Catch The Mexican’ Was a Game Played at This Delightful-Sounding ‘USA vs. Mexico’ Frat Party

College kids. Always being college kids. 

A Kappa Delta Sorority Girl at the University of South Carolina Just Made the Worst Video Ever

A reader just sent this cringe-worthy video from the University of South Carolina. Apparently Carolina's #1 fan is Kate Bickley or something. I have no fucking idea