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Sorority Girls at Emory University Make a Hilariously Bad Video About Bagels

Warning: This video from Emory University's KAΘ sorority will make you never want to eat a bagel ever again.

Delta Delta Delta at Emory University Just Made THE. WORST. Date Party Invite Video Ever

I really hope this is a joke. Because if these girls don’t realize how bad they are at singing (and […]

SAE’s at U of North Dakota Spoofed Corny Delta Gamma Rush Video As Entry for DG’s Anchorman 2014

They say that imitation is the sincerest of flattery. If true, Delta Gamma should be flattered as fuck. And they should also pick […]

Duke Students Made a Video Skewering Sorority Recruitment Videos and They Pretty Much NAILED IT

What are the chances that we inspired this Duke DUI sorority parody video with all the shitty Duke sorority recruitment videos we've published in the

This KKG Sorority Recruitment Video Will Make You Want to Start Your Car With The Garage Door Down

I think my headline says all that needs to be said. Although I will say, because I'm a gem of a guy, that the camera

This Awful Kappa Kappa Gamma University of Pittsburgh Sorority Video Is a Blast from the Past

For a hot second last week, I almost thought it was time to wrap it up and call it a day with sorority recruitment videos

GAME OVER: Duke’s ADPi Sorority Takes the Cake For the New Worst Sorority Recruitment Video Ever

More over Duke's ZTA and Tri-Delta sororities: We have a new terrible sorority recruitment from Durham that can proudly wear the crown for "most cringeworthy sorority

Sorority Girls at the University of Arizona Make the Hottest Recruitment Video of All Time

The Delta Gammas at Florida State did a pretty good job with their Bid Day video, but we've got to give it to Arizona's Alpha Phis for

UCSD’s Kappa Kappa Gamma Has a Rap Video

Honestly, the production quality here isn't all that bad. But, damnit, did they have to pick a Biggie song? Can't we just let him rest