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UGA Sorority Creates Funny Spring Break Contract for Fraternity to Sign; Nudity is a Given

For Spring Break this year, the University of Georgia's Pi Kappa Phi fraternity will share a house with Kappa Delta.

This KKG Sorority Recruitment Video Will Make You Want to Start Your Car With The Garage Door Down

I think my headline says all that needs to be said. Although I will say, because I'm a gem of a guy, that the camera

Do You Like Videos of Syracuse University Sorority Girls Jumping Up and Down?

In case you're not familiar, Syracuse Univeristy's sorority bid day is a spectacle like no other. The first video to hit our inbox from last

Duke University’s Tri Delta Sorority Makes Your New Favorite TERRIBLE Recruitment Video

Duke sororities are really out-doing themselves this year with terrible sorority recruitment videos. ZTA made us cringe yeterday, now a Blue Devil BroBible reader has

Duke ZTA Makes Unbelievably Cringeworthy Recruitment Video

Has a sorority recruitment video ever gone well? Wait, don't answer that.

Vandy Bro Hilariously Interviews Sorority Ladies in ‘The Sorority Report’

Your new YouTube must-subscribe: Foolin' Around Vandy, the college sketch artists responsible for, maybe, my favorite college video of the new semester. (Apologies to the USC "Wrecking

10 Hottest Sororities In The ACC

Leading up to this point, Delta Gamma from Florida State has garnered A LOT of hype as not only the hottest chapter in the ACC,

The Top 10 Hottest Sororities in the Big 12

It’s about time we put this issue to bed; which single sorority stands alone as the most attractive in the nation? Over the next month

The Delta Gammas at the University of Oregon Have a Awesome Sorority Video Too

It's been a heck of a week for sorority recruitment videos: The AEPHIs at GWU channeled their inner A$AP and the Delta Gammas at Arizona left us

New Sorority E-mail Leak! William and Mary Sorority Sister Enraged Over Sex on the Couch

These angry, angsty sorority e-mails are the Internet gift that keeps on giving. If you have a hilarious fraternity or sorority e-mail, feel free to

The Crazy Sorority Email Gets the Dramatic Reading It Deserves

By now we've all read Rebecca Martinson's incredible case for Tourettes symptoms extending to the written word. We've also gone back through her tweets, and

‘How to Impress Gentiles’ Is a Great Retaliation to UMD Bro’s ‘Jewish Sorority Girl’ Email

Yesterday, we posted an email (and our riveting response) penned by a University of Maryland Fraternity Brother prepping his clan as to how to best