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Guess What Sorority at East Carolina University Has an Uber Hot Video?

Any guesses? Any?

Alabama Sorority Girl Sends a Racist Snap About Not Giving Bids to Black Girls, Even Though They Did

Ugh. Ugh ugh ugh. Just a reminder that all it takes is one bad apple caught up in the moment of trying to be funny

Georgia Southern Proves That Its Sorority Girls Are Just As Awesome As Its Parties

Believe it or not, school is in session already at many colleges around the country.

The Hotties Of Sig Kap At University Of Arizona Made A Recruitment Video That Reminds Me Why I Love Sorority Girls

Keep 'em coming ladies.

Hot Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority Girls at UCF Make Extra Hot Video

College is almost back.... Are you counting down the days yet?

13 Anonymous Sorority Girl Confessions

"I made out with my sorority sister after getting way too drunk at a mixer with Kappa Sig. Now what?!" Yes, bros... You will enjoy

The 5 Girls You Meet at a Sorority Party

Greek life parties are where you substitute having a great night at a bar for having a night with free beer.

University of Arizona’s Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority Just Dropped the Hottest Sorority Video Ever

We're pulling our hair out right now. We're sick of this battle of attrition between ASU and University of Arizona sorority girls vying for clicks

Another Day, Another Arizona Sorority with a Hot Tumblr Page

ZZZZZZzzzzz.... Another day, another University of Arizona sorority vying for the Internet's attention.

ANOTHER University of Arizona Sorority Sent Us a Tumblr Page Of Their Hot Pics

Bros... BROS.... Another sorority at the University of Arizona wants in on this whole trend of posting-all-your-hot-pics-to-Tumblr-then-sending-it-to-a-bro-site thing that's been going on over the past

University of Arizona Sorority Girls Post Hot Pics to Tumblr to Throw Shade at Hot Sorority Girls at ASU

What chapter is going to fire off pics next in the great sorority hot pic beef war of 2014? Dare we ask, is this passive

Are These Arizona State Sorority Girls the Hottest In the College Game?

Woahhhh…. ASU’s Pi Beta Phi sorority might just have the most A+ talent in the college Greek life game. These chicks […]

How Hot Are These University of Texas University Sorority Girls?

Hey, UT Alpha Chi Omegas... Get at us.

Sorority Girl Writes New Most Insane Sorority E-mail Ever, Tells Sisters to ‘Have Sex With As Many Boys As You Can’

I can't even. Literally dying.

Watch the Girls of KKG at DePauw Get Down in Their Derby Days Dance Routine

Sorority girls doing choreographed routines will always be posted to BroBible.

Sorority Girls at Emory University Make a Hilariously Bad Video About Bagels

Warning: This video from Emory University's KAΘ sorority will make you never want to eat a bagel ever again.

A USC Fraternity Threw a Pillow Fight-Themed Party and Sorority Girls In Lingerie Lost Their Shit

Holy crap, USC. Keep the videos of your insane fraternity parties coming, because they're making kids at every other college in the country insanely jealous.

This University of Delaware Sorority Bid Day Spoof Is Absolutely Hilarious

  Sorority Bid Day is coming soon to the University of Delaware campus, so a group of guys decided it’d […]

Syracuse Girls Make Video to Mock Freshman Frat Bros Who ‘Get Too Excited For Fraternity Rush’

We all know that Syracuse loves it’s Greek life. That’s why many will get a kick out of this spoof […]

Do You Like Videos of Syracuse University Sorority Girls Jumping Up and Down?

In case you're not familiar, Syracuse Univeristy's sorority bid day is a spectacle like no other. The first video to hit our inbox from last

Holy Crap: Is Ohio State’s Delta Gamma a Sorority or a Professional Dance Team?

The lovely ladies of Ohio State's Delta Gamma sorority warmed our icy winter hearts with their incredible recruitment video. But it gets better. As we

The Hot Delta Gamma Sorority Girls at Ohio State Drop the Best Greek Life Recruitment Video Yet

Well... This will get the bad taste out of your mouth from those terrible Duke University sorority recruitment videos. Well done, lady Buckeyes. Wifey material

This Is What Happens When an Outsider Tries to Talk to Tulane Sorority Girls on Bid Day

MTV's Quinn Marcus is a cast member on Girl Code and the brains behind "Quinnterviews" on mtvU. The Emerson College grad has interviewed Tina Fey, Betty White, and Paul Rudd for

Duke University’s Tri Delta Sorority Makes Your New Favorite TERRIBLE Recruitment Video

Duke sororities are really out-doing themselves this year with terrible sorority recruitment videos. ZTA made us cringe yeterday, now a Blue Devil BroBible reader has

Ranking the Hottest Sororities in the United States, Tournament Style

It is now time to decide which single chapter stands alone above all others as the hottest in the United States.

Penn State Sorority Girls Have a Vicious Cat Fight, Complete with Hair-Pulling

Good show, Penn State sorority girls, good show. You just made this dreary Thursday afternoon much more entertaining with vicious hair-pulling, girl-on-girl head-punching cat fight. Props

A Kappa Delta Sorority Girl at the University of South Carolina Just Made the Worst Video Ever

A reader just sent this cringe-worthy video from the University of South Carolina. Apparently Carolina's #1 fan is Kate Bickley or something. I have no fucking idea

Top 10 Hottest Sororities In The SEC

Over the past few weeks the dudes at TFM have been ranking the hottest sororities in each athletic conference. They finally have gotten around to

Two University of Arizona Frat Bros Go on a Sorority Girl Safari In Their Natural Habitat

Great story/video here from the University of Arizona, where two frat Bros made a great video about going on a sorority girl safari. I kinda

The Delta Gammas at the University of Oregon Have a Awesome Sorority Video Too

It's been a heck of a week for sorority recruitment videos: The AEPHIs at GWU channeled their inner A$AP and the Delta Gammas at Arizona left us

Sorority Girls at the University of Arizona Make the Hottest Recruitment Video of All Time

The Delta Gammas at Florida State did a pretty good job with their Bid Day video, but we've got to give it to Arizona's Alpha Phis for

The Sorority Girls of GWU’s AEPHI Have an A$AP Rocky-Themed Rush Video

Can't even hate GWU's AEPHIs for attempting to make a Rush video to A$AP Rocky's "F*ckin Problems." Mad respect, only because I laughed out loud when

Do You Like Watching Videos of Hot Florida State Sorority Girls?

It's a rhetorical question, really. The Delta Gamma ladies know how to get the Internet's attention. The hottest sorority girls at the school with the

Scenes From South Carolina University’s ‘Running of the Pigs’ Sorority Bid Day Festivities

Babes in neon... Babes in neon EVERYWHERE.... 

Watch TCU Sorority Girls Wipe Out On Bid Day

Ouch. That's going to hurt. 

13 Reasons Why You Never Want to Marry a Sorority Girl

Since all the prime prospects are already taken and married off, it’s time we did you a favor and help you cut your losses. There

Dear Sorority Girls, Stop Being a Puss About Asking Guys to Formal

I'm not sure if anyone knows this, but at one time in my life I was actually in a sorority. Yeah,

A Guide to Getting a Guy to Text You the Morning After, By America’s Favorite Sorority Girl

Editor's Note: We're very excited to introduce a new BroBible contributor. Rebbeca Martinson is a University of Maryland student who gained

New Sorority E-mail Leak! William and Mary Sorority Sister Enraged Over Sex on the Couch

These angry, angsty sorority e-mails are the Internet gift that keeps on giving. If you have a hilarious fraternity or sorority e-mail, feel free to

University of Maryland Sorority E-Mail Author Offered a Job as a Webcam Girl at Scores

This takes cheap, lame publicity stunt to a whole new level. ScoresLive.com, which, uh, we presume to be an online version of the Scores strip