Do You Think This Sorority Rush Email From Alpha Chi Omega At USC Is ‘Batshit’ Insane?


Although I only lasted in a sorority for one measly year, I can say without a doubt that I WISH we’d gotten emails like this during rush.


‘Her Ass Swallowed The Beads’ – The Story Of How Sorority Girls Wound Up In The ER While Experimenting With Sex Toys


It’s no secret that college is one of the only times in your life where you can almost get away with murder and still not have people judge you.

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University of Miami’s Delta Gamma Sorority Makes The Hottest Recruitment Video You’ll Watch Today


I went to school in the Northeast, so the months of November - March were spent in a big, puffy coat or burrowed up inside, sheltered from the snow, slush, and cold.

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The Frat Bros At NYU Have A Real PR Problem On Their Hands And We’re Here To Fix It


This evening an e-mail from a concerned New York University frat Bro landed in our inbox: Gahhh.


Sigma Alpha Epsilon At USC Upstate Got Busted By Police For Performing A Ritual In A Cemetery With Guns


If you were ever in Greek Life then you know that each fraternity and sorority has their own individual rituals that each member must go through prior to initiation, and if you were never in Greek Life, congratulations.

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A Delta Gamma Sorority Sister At FSU Scored One Of The Most Impressive Flag Football Touchdowns You’ll Ever See

By | 2 Comments

Naysayers are going to try to bring in the "these are GIRLS PLAYING FOOTBALL" argument to discredit this spectacular play, but fuck that noise.


FSU’s Delta Gamma Bid Day Video Is 4 Minutes Of The Hottest Sorority In The Nation


The Delta Gamma's of Florida State University just released their 2014 Bid Day video, and reminded the entire nation that they're the hottest sorority there is.

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