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Someone Flew a Drone Over University of Central Florida’s Sorority Bid Day

Drone videos are the hottest trend in college videos for the 2014-2015 school year.

This Song From Tri-Delt At LSU Literally Shits On Every Sorority, Calling Them ‘Poser C*nts’


Freshman Girl Suffers a Gruesome Injury Involving a Golf Club at an Arkansas State Fraternity Party

This is a lousy way way to start the school year at Arkansas State.

Study Says College Graduates Who Were In Frats Are Happier Than Those Who Weren’t

This is not-news to most people involved in Greek Life.

UConn Sorority Suspended For Forcing Bros to Eat Dog Treats, Proves UConn Is the Most Turnt Campus In the USA

If you grew up as a kid with a dog, there's a good chance you were once curious enough to try a dog treat using

Sorority Girls at Emory University Make a Hilariously Bad Video About Bagels

Warning: This video from Emory University's KAΘ sorority will make you never want to eat a bagel ever again.

Oh. The University of Alabama STILL Hates Black People


Maryland Fraternity and Sorority In Trouble For Throwing a ‘CMT vs BET’-Theme Party

Just a friendly reminder that if you're in a fraternity or sorority and thinking about throwing a party that's vaguely racist, you're almost certainly going

This University of Delaware Sorority Bid Day Spoof Is Absolutely Hilarious

  Sorority Bid Day is coming soon to the University of Delaware campus, so a group of guys decided it’d […]

Is ASU’s Alpha Phi Sorority the Hottest Sorority in the Country? One Reader Thinks So

As if we all don’t regret not going to Arizona State already this prick has to send us video confirmation […]

Do You Like Videos of Syracuse University Sorority Girls Jumping Up and Down?

In case you're not familiar, Syracuse Univeristy's sorority bid day is a spectacle like no other. The first video to hit our inbox from last

Holy Crap: Is Ohio State’s Delta Gamma a Sorority or a Professional Dance Team?

The lovely ladies of Ohio State's Delta Gamma sorority warmed our icy winter hearts with their incredible recruitment video. But it gets better. As we

The Hot Delta Gamma Sorority Girls at Ohio State Drop the Best Greek Life Recruitment Video Yet

Well... This will get the bad taste out of your mouth from those terrible Duke University sorority recruitment videos. Well done, lady Buckeyes. Wifey material

GAME OVER: Duke’s ADPi Sorority Takes the Cake For the New Worst Sorority Recruitment Video Ever

More over Duke's ZTA and Tri-Delta sororities: We have a new terrible sorority recruitment from Durham that can proudly wear the crown for "most cringeworthy sorority

Duke University’s Tri Delta Sorority Makes Your New Favorite TERRIBLE Recruitment Video

Duke sororities are really out-doing themselves this year with terrible sorority recruitment videos. ZTA made us cringe yeterday, now a Blue Devil BroBible reader has

Why You SHOULD Join a Fraternity or Sorority In College: A Rebuttal

Editor's Note: Yesterday we published a post titled "Why You Don’t Need to Join a Fraternity or Sorority to Have Fun In College." As a

Why You Don’t Need to Join a Fraternity or Sorority to Have Fun In College

I’m not in a fraternity. I’m not a student-athlete. I’m not a leading member of a campus organization. I’m a GDI.

Ranking the Hottest Sororities in the United States, Tournament Style

It is now time to decide which single chapter stands alone above all others as the hottest in the United States.

Vandy Bro Hilariously Interviews Sorority Ladies in ‘The Sorority Report’

Your new YouTube must-subscribe: Foolin' Around Vandy, the college sketch artists responsible for, maybe, my favorite college video of the new semester. (Apologies to the USC "Wrecking

Penn State Sorority Girls Have a Vicious Cat Fight, Complete with Hair-Pulling

Good show, Penn State sorority girls, good show. You just made this dreary Thursday afternoon much more entertaining with vicious hair-pulling, girl-on-girl head-punching cat fight. Props

Top 10 Hottest Sororities In The Pac-12

What are the 12 hottest sororities in the PAC-12? Can the answer be all of them? They are all amazing. 

Two University of Arizona Frat Bros Go on a Sorority Girl Safari In Their Natural Habitat

Great story/video here from the University of Arizona, where two frat Bros made a great video about going on a sorority girl safari. I kinda

The Top 10 Hottest Sororities in the Big 12

It’s about time we put this issue to bed; which single sorority stands alone as the most attractive in the nation? Over the next month

The Delta Gammas at the University of Oregon Have a Awesome Sorority Video Too

It's been a heck of a week for sorority recruitment videos: The AEPHIs at GWU channeled their inner A$AP and the Delta Gammas at Arizona left us

Sorority Girls at the University of Arizona Make the Hottest Recruitment Video of All Time

The Delta Gammas at Florida State did a pretty good job with their Bid Day video, but we've got to give it to Arizona's Alpha Phis for

The Sorority Girls of GWU’s AEPHI Have an A$AP Rocky-Themed Rush Video

Can't even hate GWU's AEPHIs for attempting to make a Rush video to A$AP Rocky's "F*ckin Problems." Mad respect, only because I laughed out loud when

The University of Alabama Is Extremely Racist: A Response to the UA Sorority Scandal

Now I know what Jay-Z meant when he said history don't repeat itself it rhymes, he was clearly talking about sorority discrimination.

More About the Sorority Racism Scandal at the University of Alabama

Most major media outlets have descended upon Tuscaloosa, most notoriously CNN, and the story originally published in The Crimson White has been covered endlessly online.

Sororities At University Of Alabama Allegedly Will Not Allow Black Students To Pledge

The biggest story on the Internet right now is from an incredible piece about sorority racism at the University of Alabama. It was published in

The Top 10 Colleges with the Biggest Greek Life Scene

Another day, another arbitrary rankings from the Princeton Review. Just like the party schools list and the college campuses list. Overall, this year's Princeton Review

Dear Sorority Girls, Stop Being a Puss About Asking Guys to Formal

I'm not sure if anyone knows this, but at one time in my life I was actually in a sorority. Yeah,

The Weekly Review is Full of Sororities and Sex Tapes

Here's some stuff to read while you're avoiding reality. 

Timeline Of Sorority Formal From A Guy’s Perspective

It's formal season. Let's get weird.... 

New Sorority E-mail Leak! William and Mary Sorority Sister Enraged Over Sex on the Couch

These angry, angsty sorority e-mails are the Internet gift that keeps on giving. If you have a hilarious fraternity or sorority e-mail, feel free to

Author of Now Infamous University of Maryland Sorority Letter Resigns from Delta Gamma

And so ends this historic chapter in American history.

The Crazy Sorority Email Gets the Dramatic Reading It Deserves

By now we've all read Rebecca Martinson's incredible case for Tourettes symptoms extending to the written word. We've also gone back through her tweets, and

Indiana University’s Kappa Delta Sorority In Hot Water for ‘Homeless’-Themed Party

On Friday Jezebel broke a story about a distasteful theme party hosted by Indiana University's Kappa Delta sorority. The party theme? Homelessness, a subject that

Thoughts and Musings on University of Maryland Greek Life, By a Former Terp Sorority Girl

There was a time, many moons ago, during my amazing tenure at the University of Maryland, where I genuinely believed I could pull off being

Author of Now Infamous University of Maryland Sorority E-mail Tweeted Things Before Deleting Account

The author behind the scathing e-mail tirade directed to her fellow Delta Gamma sorority sisters at the University of Maryland has been revealed as Rebecca Martinson

Sorority Girl at University of Maryland Writes a Scathing, Profanity-Laced Letter to Fellow Sisters

We've received numerous emails regarding this very letter today. It has been making it's way around Greek list serves all week and fraternity Bros and