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Please Allow the 1986 Los Angeles Rams to Sing You a Song About Football and Doing It

It was lots of hard work but all worth it.

Your 2014 Song of the Summer Is This Slightly Racist EDM Jam

It's only racist if making fun of Spanish people is racist.

4 Keys to Crushing Karaoke Night

Leave on a good note.

Justin Bieber Arrested, Charged With DUI and Drag Racing

Justin Bieber was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and drag racing early this morning in Miami.

‘White People Are Crazy’ Is a Song About How Crazy White People Are, By People Who Are Not White

Let's just say I had a hankering for writing music. Real, beautiful music. Soulful fucking music that could warm hearts and shift wombs. And then

Iconic Movie Scenes Ruined By ‘Yakety Sax’

The folks over at Mashable put together this wonderful collection a while ago, but I'm just seeing it now.

Report: Armageddon for the Green Bay Packers

With Aaron Rodgers injured and his backups looking like hot garbage, the Green Bay Packers’ season is slipping away. But it won’t go quietly. Instead,

Rick Neuheisel’s Song About the SEC Will Take Up Residence in Your Head

Former UCLA football coach Rick Neuheisel’s previous foray as the head of a collegiate football program didn’t go so well. Considering his innate ability to

‘Trojans for Life’ Video Will Make USC Students Slightly Less Proud of Their School

Well, this is certainly a thing that was made. It immediately fills a completely non-existent void in the cultural zeitgeist. The only person who might

7 Songs That Influence Terrible Decisions

Don’t listen to that crazy mohawked chick who’s been an Internet plague for the past few weeks. God’s not the only one who can judge

James Harden Releases ‘Harden Soul,’ a Song So Bad It Hurts

James Harden is good at scoring points in bunches and having a lot of facial hair. He is not good at singing. To wit: this

Arkansas Fan Singing ‘I’m a Bielemer’ Should Embarrass Us All

Arkansas fans are fired up for Bret Bielema’s first season in the ultra-competitive SEC. Perhaps a little too fired up.

Robert Griffin III Got Married, Made a Song About Pop Rocks and Tootsie Pops With His Wife

Robert Griffin III got married to Rebecca Liddicoat this weekend. It was sweet and heartwarming. Then the couple released this video. It is neither sweet

99 Synonyms For Having Sex…In Ballad Form

This just came into our inbox and since we do an awful lot of talking about having sex (more affectionately known as bangin' bitches) around

Be Prepared to Face ‘Sunday Night Football’ Without Faith Hill

How will we survive without having Bob Costas awkwardly toss it to a pre-recorded song by the country star? It’s going to be tough, y’all.

Two Chicks Sing Original Song Called ‘F*ck Me in the Ass Because I Love Jesus’

Here's a blasphemous, yet catchy, tune you don't hear everyday. The world needs more sweet, wholesome girls like these two.

Groom Bro Channels His Fear of Public Speaking into a Wildly Successful Wedding Song

Accent-gifted Groom Tom Fletcher notes that public speaking is not his cup of tea. Not the best thing for a groom to have really, given

In Which Mike Tyson Sings His New Song About LeBron James

Mike Tyson sucks something awful at singing but don't let stop you from listening to this song -- nay, power ballad -- that he wrote

Joe Paterno Tribute Song is All Kinds of Great

The downfall of Joe Paterno at Penn State and his subsequent death were the final chapter in what was a life otherwise filled with greatness.

The ‘Thank You, Facebook’ Song Will Make You Barf

Facebook went public on Friday and people lost their minds accordingly. It’s become the most-traded stock as millions lined up for the chance to buy

This Guy Wants Mariano Rivera to Come Back More Than You

He’ll get his wish if the New York Yankees closer keeps his word. For his sake, we hope the cutter-throwing right-hander does make