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Sofia Vergara Celebrated Colombia’s World Cup Win Over Uruguay with Yoga Pants Selfie

Something tells me Sofia Vergara's selfie game is only going to get better the deeper the run her home country pulls off.

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines: Sofia Vergara Is Now Single


Matthew McConaughey and Other Celebrities Read Mean Tweets On ‘Kimmel’

Our boy Matthew McConaughey is evidently a dick turd. He's as shocked to hear this news as we are.

Here’s a GIF of Sofia Vergara Tugging at Her #GoldenGlobes

Get it? GET IT?

Sofia Vergara and Jimmy Kimmel Read Mean Internet Comments to Each Other, Only One of Them Looks Hot

Sofia Vergara was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and before she came out to be interviewed (we'll post that later) her and Jimmy read

Sofia Vergara in a Thong is a Christmas Gift for Us All

Sofia Vergara is not an unattractive woman. She proved that once again with a picture of ... wait for it ... DAT ASS.

You’ll Never Believe How Hot Sofia Vergara Was Back In the Day

Oh. Oh my... 

Bros! We Know of a Way That You Can Meet Sofia Vergara!

Bros. Friends. Lovers of Diet Pepsi, the NFL and women -- all women, but also hot women, like Sofia Vergara. Diet Pepsi partnered up with NFL's "A

Here’s a Wonderful GIF of Sofia Vergara’s Chest Bouncing at the Emmys

Sofia Vergara, never change. GIF via our friends at Guyism. 

Lady Gaga, Sofia Vergara’s Gun-Firing Breasts Star in Utterly Insane Teaser for ‘Machete Kills’

Machete was a ridiculous film. Machete Kills makes it look like The King's Speech.

The 30 Sexiest Twitter Accounts To Follow in 2013

The Twitosphere isn’t going anywhere so we might as well get use to it.

Sofia Vergara’s Boobs Are Killing Machines

I knew those things would be the death of me.

We Get a Fresh Start to the New Year with This Week’s Hottie Index

Most people make resolutions upon turning to a new calendar year, so I might as well make one as well. In 2013, I’m going to

Sofia Vergara Had a Terrific Wardrobe Malfunction Last Night at the Emmy’s

Sofia Vergara and the cast of "Modern Family" picked up an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series last night, but the real takeaway from the evening

Sofia Vergara’s First Pepsi Commercial from 22 Years Ago is Fap-Worthy

If someone told her 22-years ago that she'd go from supermodel to being fictitiously married to Al Bundy I think she might have blown her

For Sofia Vergara, Finding a Bra is Hell

Sofia Vergara complained to Allure about something that must be just a terrible burden – having the best natural breasts on the planet.

Our Readers Are Left To Make Decisions in This Week’s Hottie Index

This should be a tough week for you readers to decide on the winner of the Hottie Index. Do you support a good looking woman