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New York City Will Not Ban Large Sodas, Because FREEDOM

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg's continued war on sugar, tobacco, and other things that make life happy was dealt a serious and crucial blow

This New Coca Cola Commercial is Very Coca Cola-Like

Coca Cola has always had the uncanny ability turn degeneration into inspiration. Here they manage to take one of the world's creepiest items--the public security camera--into

Jon Stewart Tries to Figure Out What He’s Allowed to Put in His Mouth

Jon Stewart has been frantically trying to figure out what New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s ridiculous large-drink ban means for him. With news that

Mayor Michael Bloomberg Saves New York City From Giant Soda Monster

Cinema is rife with society-threatening villains wreaking havoc on New York City. Whether it’s Godzilla, King Kong, or a zombie-making virus, stock footage of Manhattanites