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Punish Yourself for Being a Bad Person By Watching Canada Break America’s Heart in Dramatic Fashion

In an appetizer to tomorrow’s main course, the Canadian women staged a feverish comeback to beat the United States 3-2 […]

Russia Hockey Coach Wants to Be Eaten Alive After Disappointing Olympic Elimination

For the third straight Olympics, Russia’s hockey team will not be bringing home a medal. Today’s 3-1 loss to Finland […]

Lauren Cosgrove Can’t Be Too Happy About T.J. Oshie’s Tinder Profile

Current American hero T.J. Oshie is engaged to the stunning Lauren Cosgrove. Millions of red-blooded guys would gladly slide into […]

Eva Samkova’s Good-Luck Mustache is Mesmerizing

Czech snowboarder Eva Samkova has a bizarre ritual before every final round she competes in. You’d call having someone draw […]

Canada’s Hockey Team Sure Loves Those Foam Curling Hats

Any idiot knows the two most exciting sports in the Winter Olympics are hockey and curling. So it stands to […]

U.S Women’s Hockey Fan in Full Bodysuit Loves America More Than You

If nothing else, the Olympics provide a perfect opportunity for Americans to go America all over everyone’s assess for two […]

Snowboarder Has a Brutal Crash on the Dangerous Slopestyle Course Shaun White Refuses To Ride

Earlier today Norwegian snowboarder Kjersti Buaas tried to shred Sochi’s crazy-dangerous slopestyle course during a competition. Yes, the same one […]

Here’s a Stray Dog Barking at Olympic Cross Country Skiers in Sochi

As you know, Sochi has a big stray dog problem. That said, I can’t help but think these cross-country skiers […]

Sochi Officials Admit What We All Knew, That They Are Spying On Everyone

A day ago, as reporters began arriving in Sochi, one intrepid journalist pointed out what he thought were spy cameras […]

Sochi’s Super Unsafe Slopestyle Course Got the GoPro Video Treatment

Remember yesterday, when we said that Sochi’s Slopestyle course was so dangerous that they had to alter it for riders’ […]

After Multiple Injures, the Sochi Snowboarding Course Was Deemed Too Dangerous

Another day, another great story out of Sochi (by great I mean terrible, although the constant stream of bad news […]

The Olympic Dorms in Sochi Look Really, Really Shitty

Like, I had better housing options my freshman year. And with fewer people in one room. CLICK TO READ: Canadian […]

Sochi Looks Really, Really Shitty Two Weeks Before the Olympics

More and more, Sochi looks like a dynamite spot to host the Olympics. In a crappy economy Putin has spent around $50 billion—more than the much larger Beijing games—to

Am I A Monster For Loving These Team USA Olympic Uniforms?

I can't be alone in loving these uniforms, right? Gawker is calling them ugly, but I DISAGREE. I could do without the nut-hugging tapered sweatpants, but those

Jon Stewart Breaks Down the Contestants for the 2014 Homophobia Olympics

Sure, you could debate which country has the best athletes for the upcoming 2014 Olympics. But Jon Stewart wants to know which country is the most

So… There Might Be a Suicide Bomber Loose in Sochi Already

Well, the Olympics just got a little more interesting. 

You Can Help Send the Jamaican Bobsled Team to Sochi

Cool Runnings 2: Kickstarter Edition? It could happen! 

Shaun White Wearing a GoPro on a Halfpipe Run May Induce Vomiting

2014 will be the year of the GoPro. 

No One Volunteered to Kill all the Stray Cats and Dogs for the Sochi Olympics

Yesterday we told you about Sochi’s plan to round up and kill all the stray dogs and cats in advance of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Russia Announces Plan to Kill All Stray Cats and Dogs Before Winter Olympics

Russia’s gonna Russia.