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Rob Ford Celebrated the Canadian Women’s Hockey Gold Medal With Typical Restraint

The Canadians’ amazing gold medal victory over the United States in women’s hockey has everyone north of the border pounding […]

USA Hockey has a ‘Dear Canada’ Video to Get You Pumped For Tomorrow’s Semi-Final

Team USA has one final hurdle to make it to the Olympic Hockey final. That hurdle is Canada, our brothers […]

BroBible’s Worst Places on Earth: Watching the Olympics with Your Significant Other

The Winter Olympics are back, and that, of course, means spending countless hours in front of a variety of screens […]

Incredible POV Video Shows What a Luge Ride Looks Like at Sochi

In 2012, American luger Matt Mortensen tested out the newly completed luge track in Sochi, Russia. While reaching speeds upwards of […]

Here’s That Emotional Bode Miller Interview Everyone Hates NBC For

NBC is catching a whole HEAP-A-SHIT for this Bode Miller interview after the American skier won the bronze medal in […]

The Stoners Guide to the Winter Olympics

That pic is so dope. She’s just like… flying. In the air. Yo. Sorry. Hey. I guess I’m late on […]

Molson Creates Beer Fridge For Sochi Olympics That Only Serves Canadians

Canadians! First they get free health care and Bryan Adams and now this — a beer vending machine that will […]

Watch a Ridiculous Wipeout from an Italian Luger Today

Luging is a sport where you hop on a small sled and flex your muscles to steer it down an […]

Genius Snowboarder Writes Phone Number on Helmet, Receives Dozens of Naked Photos

Because he was bored in the Olympic Village on Friday, Russian snowboarder Alexey Sobolev wrote his phone number on his […]

Hot Estonian Biathlon Girl Grete Gaim Has Werewolf Eyes That Are Freaking Us Out

  20-year-old Grete Gaim hails from Estonia. Today she competed in the Biathlon at the Sochi Olympics, finishing 71st in […]

WTF: Olympic Snowboarder Crashes So Hard, Her Helmet Splits

This is Czech Olympian Sarka Pancochova. She took a nasty fall during the women’s slopestyle finals on Sunday. How nasty? […]

Skater Ashley Wagner Saying ‘Bullshit’ Is Your First Sochi Viral Video

Shades of McKayla Maroney at the Iceberg Skating Palace last night: Above is Ashley Wagner moments after receiving a score […]

Russia Committed a Major Screwup in its Opening Ceremony

10 minutes into the already much-maligned Winter Olympics, this happened: Don’t unleash your bears on the organizers just yet, Putin. […]

Here’s a Stray Dog Barking at Olympic Cross Country Skiers in Sochi

As you know, Sochi has a big stray dog problem. That said, I can’t help but think these cross-country skiers […]

Keith Olbermann Takes Down Sochi Olympics in One Quality Rant

Keith Olbermann is as blow-hardy as blow-hards come, but he does a decent job here of summarizing the insanity currently […]