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So…Sochi is Already Completely Deserted

From the people at EnglishRussia.com comes new photos from the 2014 Winter Olympics' home, Sochi, Russia.

Canada’s Women’s Hockey Team Left Men’s Team this Inspirational Note Before They Tore Out Our Hearts in Today’s Semi Final

This note was left in Team Canada’s locker room today prior to their game against the U.S., which they obviously […]

The Sochi Mascots Find Curling Strangely Erotic

The Sochi mascots have spent a lot of time together during these Olympic Games, and it appears a romance is […]

USA Hockey has a ‘Dear Canada’ Video to Get You Pumped For Tomorrow’s Semi-Final

Team USA has one final hurdle to make it to the Olympic Hockey final. That hurdle is Canada, our brothers […]

David Backes’ Goal For Team USA Against the Czech Republic Was a Thing of Beauty

I played hockey growing up, and one thing my coaches always stressed was “throw the puck at the net. Good […]

Any Sport Looks Gay When You Slow Down the Footage, Says Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel thinks a few sports in the Olympics might look a little gay. So he set out to prove […]

Hero Student Calls Teacher a Communist Over Team USA Olympic Ice Hockey, Gets Detention

  All credit goes to Barstool for this incredible get. Getting detention for calling a teacher a communist because they wouldn’t […]

Celebrating Early Almost Cost This Skier His Gold Medal

After 40 minutes of intense cross-country skiing and shooting at tiny targets with an elevated heart rate, Norwegian Emil Hegle Svendsen […]

This Video Matches T.J. Oshie’s Goal with ‘Miracle’ to Awesome Results

Last week, you patriotic puckheads involuntarily punched walls after an epic USA Hockey hype video hit the Internet. It was tremendous. […]

Here’s a Cat Falling Through a Collapsed Roof at Sochi’s Speed Skating Arena

Just when you think we’ve ringed every bit of hilarity possible out of Sochi: MAGIC HAPPENS. I present to you […]

University of Illinois Bar EXPLODES After T.J. Oshie’s Goal

This video from the legendary University of Illinois bar “The Red Lion”  gives us patriotic chills.  Says the person who […]

5 Patriotic Things to Do for the Last Week of the Winter Olympics

5. Drink A lot. Look, if your fellow countrymen are risking their lives jumping off of poorly made Russian ramps, […]

Guess Which Hot Olympic Ski Jumper Is a Chivette?

Olympic Ski Jumper Jessica Jerome has been in contact with our Bros at The Chive since 2011. Now she’s in […]

Incredible POV Video Shows What a Luge Ride Looks Like at Sochi

In 2012, American luger Matt Mortensen tested out the newly completed luge track in Sochi, Russia. While reaching speeds upwards of […]

Here’s That Emotional Bode Miller Interview Everyone Hates NBC For

NBC is catching a whole HEAP-A-SHIT for this Bode Miller interview after the American skier won the bronze medal in […]

This GIF of Sochi’s Pedobear-esque Mascot Blankly Staring at SI Swimsuit Models Needs to Be in Your Life

I don’t know what else to say other than this is the best thing ever. [Via @CorkGaines]

This Girl’s Team Canada Shirt Accidentally Revealed a Sexual Secret

I mean, I don’t think she definitely likes what’s suggested below. I’m just saying her shirt indicates she might. [Via […]

This Is Easily The Best Butt Check a Hockey Goalie Has Ever Thrown (GIF)

This is Slovakian goalie Jan Laco earning a penalty for some aggressive ass play. It’s a delight to watch. Russia, […]

I Could Watch This GIF of Sidney Crosby Getting Wrecked Then Bitching About It Over and Over Again

Canada is playing Finland as we speak in Olympic hockey and Teemu Selanne—43-YEAR-OLD TEEMU SELANNE some Finnish fuck dropped hockey’s reigning […]

This Is the Only Jamaican Bobsled Hype Up Jam You’ll Ever Need

And if I know you, your life has been sorely lacking in the Jamaican Bobsled Hype Video Department. It has, […]

U.S. Hockey Player T.J. Oshie Had an Amazing Response After Being Called a ‘Hero’

YES, YES, YES and YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U-S-A. U-S-A. U-S-A. Just had good talk with America's newest hero. Only don't call T.J. […]

TJ Oshie’s All-American Girlfriend Lauren Cosgrove Is HOT, HOT, HOT

  Olympic hero TJ Oshie just won the hearts of America this morning by scoring a game-winning shoot-out goal against […]

The Norwegian Curling Team Is Frattier Than You

Looks at those pants, Bros. You think you have swag? You think you can pull off ridiculous costumes while pounding […]

Female Olympians Say Tinder Use in the Olympics Village Is ‘Next Level’

23-year-old Olympic snowboarding goddess Jamie Anderson talked to US Weekly about the Tinder game in Sochi’s Olympic Village. Just like […]

10 Must-Have Patriotic Articles of Clothing

The Olympics are in full swing, so what better time to stock up on your patriotic garb than now? Whether […]

The Stoners Guide to the Winter Olympics

That pic is so dope. She’s just like… flying. In the air. Yo. Sorry. Hey. I guess I’m late on […]

Matt Lauer Will Replace Bob Costas and His Diseased Eyes On the Olympic Broadcast Tonight

Bad news, gang. Nothing can stop Bob Costas’ eye infection. Not modern medicine, not even vodka. So today, Costy will […]

Watch Bob Costas Do Shots of Vodka On-Air After an Awesome Segment on Russia Vodka

Poor Bob Costas. Thanks to some tainted Sochi water, he’s fighting a wicked eye-infection that’s causing Twitter to crack jokes […]

Meet the Terrible People On Twitter Who Couldn’t Handle Mogul Skier Alex Bilodeau’s Brother Having Cerebral Palsy

After Canadian skier Alex Bilodeau became a two-time gold medalist in men’s moguls, he dedicated his gold to his brother Frederic, who […]

Post-Grad Bro Receives Incredible Outlook Invite to Watch Team USA Olympic Hockey

On Thursday morning, at 7:30am, Team USA takes on Slovakia in its first hockey match. That sucks because (1. you‘ll probably […]

This Is Sochi: The Bobsledder Who Got Stuck in a Bathroom Also Got Stuck in an Elevator

  Poor Johnny Quinn. A couple of days ago, Quinn was forced to pull an Incredible Hulk on a bathroom […]

Olympic Luger Kate Hansen Has An Unorthodox, Michelle Jenneke-Like Warmup Routine

I don’t hate this. Not one iota. For one, hot chicks dancing is always alright by me. Secondly, luging is […]

This Epic Team USA Hockey Hype Video Will Make Patriotic Puckheads Want to Punch a Wall

Nothing short of epic. Makes me want to glide across the Atlantic Ocean on the wings of a Bald Eagle […]

Norwegian Snowboarder Silje Norendal Is a Total Babe, Has a Very Hot Instagram

Bros, we can’t fail you now on making sure you know about the hottest girls of the 2014 Winter Olympics. Norwegian […]

Julia Mancuso Is a Super Hot Olympian to Know

In a few hours, Julia Mancuso will take to the slopes to compete in the super-combined downhill race. She’ll be […]

Watch a Ridiculous Wipeout from an Italian Luger Today

Luging is a sport where you hop on a small sled and flex your muscles to steer it down an […]

Genius Snowboarder Writes Phone Number on Helmet, Receives Dozens of Naked Photos

Because he was bored in the Olympic Village on Friday, Russian snowboarder Alexey Sobolev wrote his phone number on his […]

We’re Kind of In Love With These Hot Canadian Ski Sisters Who Won Gold and Silver Medals In Moguls

  Way to keep the Olympics in the family, Canada. Canadian skiers Justine and Chloe Dufour-Lapointe just earned a special […]

Hot Estonian Biathlon Girl Grete Gaim Has Werewolf Eyes That Are Freaking Us Out

  20-year-old Grete Gaim hails from Estonia. Today she competed in the Biathlon at the Sochi Olympics, finishing 71st in […]

Russian Speed Skater Almost Showed Her Chest to the Entire World After Winning the Bronze

Well, this could have been awkward. Speedskater Olga Graf earned Russia’s first Olympic medal by winning the bronze in the women’s […]