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Bayern Munich Pulled Out ALL THE STOPS While Unveiling New Team Bus

A funky adventure.

Demba Ba is a Cheeky Bloke

From way downtown.

Chelsea Scored a Goal Bound to Make You Weep Uncontrollably and Wonder How Something Could be So Beautiful

Pretty things.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the Type of Person Who Stands on His Tippy Toes to Look Taller in Photos

Anything to get ahead.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Scored a Goal, Put On a Spider-Man Mask

That's a solid celebration.

Jason Sudeikis is Back as Ted Lasso and He’s Better Than Ever

Some legit laughs.

Pep Guardiola Refuses to Shake Caleb Porter’s Hand After MLS All-Star Game Gets Out of Hand

Weird scene, man.

The New Trailer for FIFA 15 Is Here and It Is SEXY

It covers the Premier League, the sexiest of leagues.

How in the World Did Fernando Torres Blow This Easy Goal Opportunity?

Fernando. That's fun to say.

Mario Balotelli Ironed a Shirt

He's like a normal person.

Spanish Soccer Team to Wear Tuxedo T-Shirt Jerseys, Look Ridiculous

So hot.

Peruvian Soccer Player Scores 70-Yard Goal, Goalie is Partially to Blame

From way downtown.

Looking to Join a Premier League Team’s Bandwagon? Here’s a Handy Guide

Hop aboard.

David Hasselhoff’s Reaction to Germany Winning the World Cup Did Not Disappoint

He can't fight this feeling.

Someone Erased All The Brazil Players Out Of The Brazil V. Germany World Cup Match…And The Game Plays The Same

Just adding some insult to injury over here.

Mario Balotelli Aims a Gun at Haters, Somehow Gets Attention

This will get your attention.

Argentina’s Javier Mascherano Tore His Anus Yesterday and You Watched it Happen

Ouch, babe.

If You Think Flopping In Soccer Is Ridiculous, Wait Until You Watch This Video Of What It’d Look Like In Real Life

Lookin' stupid in public > lookin' stupid in soccer.

Fan Mocks Up Professional Soccer Kits for SEC Schools, Lives in a Fantasy World

Look at these, Pawwwwwwwwwl!

Germany Joins the ‘Fuck Her Right in the Pussy’ Party After Guy Screams It on Live TV

Here we go again!

Here’s All Five Of Germany’s First-Half Goals In A Six Second Video

Sucks to suck.

What If The World Cup Was ‘Game of Thrones’ Themed And We Actually Got To Use These Badass Banners?

Nothing escapes 'Game of Thrones'-ification.

Tim Howard’s Girlfriend, Sara McLean, is HOT

Hi, Sara.

Costa Rica Goalie Keylor Navas Practices By Saving Tennis Balls

Cross-sport integration.

Here Are Pictures Of All the Things Tim Howard Could Save, Including The Ned Stark And Mufasa

Seriously, he needs to be in the next "Avengers" movie.

Someone Unearthed U.S. Goalie Tim Howard’s High School Yearbook Quote, It’s Obviously Fantastic

As yearbook quotes go, this one is prettay, prettay good.

What If ‘Game of Thrones’ Houses Had Soccer Kits?

They could settle their differences through sport.

This Is EXACTLY How Fricking Annoying Everyone Is When Watching The World Cup

Can we skip to July 14th already please?

Here’s The Stoppage Time Goal Greece Scored to Tie Costa Rica

Gyros for everyone

It’s 9 A.M., Are You Already Hammered? Watch Jimmy Kimmel Find Out

Spoiler alert: everyone's shithoused.

Luis Suarez Is Officially BANNED Because He Can’t Stop/Won’t Stop Biting People

Dude needs to go back to Pre-K and learn a thing or two.

Conan Shows How Fucking Ridiculous World Cup Goal Celebrations Are Getting

Maybe we're taking this a little TOO far.

Hulk Hogan Delivered the Most Hulk Hogan Pump-Up Speech for the USA -Germany World Cup Match Today

"Hangin' and bangin'" that's how Hulk Hogan rolls.

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Keeps Pooping On Soccer in Hilarious Fashion

I'm starting to think he doesn't like soccer.

You Can’t Not Watch ‘The Wiggles’ Remix Of Luis Suarez Biting People

Because why the fuck not.

Ecuador’s Christian Noboa Suffers Nasty Head Wound, Is Forced to Wear Stylish Lunch Lady Hairnet

Hot new look.

Bizarre Dutch Couple at World Cup Will Have You Scratching Your Head


Watch a Hattiesburg Soccer Watch Party Die as Portugal Scored a Miracle Goal

The agony of de--... the agony of tying.

A Time-Travelling Teddy Roosevelt Went Wild At the World Cup

A presidential fella.

These Two Hippies Have No Idea How to Play Soccer

Smoking dope.