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This Soccer Leg Injury Video Makes Joe Theismann’s Leg Injury Look like All He Needed Was a Band-Aid

Not for the weak-stomached. Not at all.

Bro Makes the Sickest Soccer Skills Trick-Shot Video You’ll Watch Today

Well, freestyle footballer Andrew Henderson just won the Internet today...

Check Out This Ridiculous Soccer Goal, Scored from the Other Side of Midfield

One of the reasons soccer has had a "hard time" getting up to speed in the US is because Americans like to see goals. Soccer

Chinese Soccer Player Scores Goal; Celebrates By Getting Nose Broken By a Teammate

Everything about this epic soccer fail is embarrassing, except the diving header goal. South Chinese midfielder Kwok Kin Pong scored a goal to take the

VIDEO: Finnish Kid Does Gnarly Backflip After Kicking Penalty Shot

Besides Landon Donovan's game-winning goal during the World Cup this past summer, I've never creamed my sheets over a soccer clip. And, seeing that the

VIDEO: Zinedine Zidane Just Embarasses a Young Goalie in Training

So, rookie, you want to be the big, tough, world-class goalie with rhinoceros cojones, huh? You want to do whatever it takes to stop Zinedine