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Iranian Soccer Player Finds an Actual Grenade on the Pitch, Nearly Loses Hand

This isn't something you see every day. Via YouTube user, PrincessHira:

Amazing 63-yard Goal By Japanese Defender Sets World Record for Longest Header

How does a team allow a 63-yard header to make it into a goal? Employ the shortest (or stupidest) guy on your team

Here’s An Angry Birds-Inspired Soccer Trick Shot Video

Remember when trick shot videos were all the rage? Good times. One of the second videos to fall on our radar during that

Ball Boy at a Soccer Game Gets Owned by Errant Kick

The ball boy at this Australian soccer game learned life's greatest lesson: Reality hits you hard, bro. 

Turkish Soccer Coach Punches, Stomps His Own Fan in the Face

Here's a short list of things I couldn't care less about during Super Bowl Week: The results of the 2011 SAG Awards (yawn), Charles Barkley's