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Casual Soccer Goals in Brazil Are Celebrated With 30 Seconds of Assault Rifle Firing

... okay.

Lionel Messi Scored a Goal That Left Students Unknowledgeable about Geometry Scrambling to Learn About Parabolas

I apologize that Kyle Koster isn’t working today. His soccer goal headlines are works of art. I tried here. Probably […]

If You Don’t Watch This Incredible 40 Yard Pass & Bicycle Kick, It’s Very Much Your Loss

As stated, if you don't watch this rather spectacular highlight, there is something askew with your general existence, and you'd probably be better off refraining

Women’s Soccer: Where Goals Happen 3 Seconds After Kickoff

Once you get hooked on Serbian women’s soccer, it’s hard to stop watching. That’s what they say, right?

This Incredible Penalty Shot Shows That It’s Never Over Till It’s Actually Over

Yogi Berra references. That dickhead who thinks he's the state's greatest FIFA player would probably try to convince you he did this on purpose. Smirks.

This 360 Soccer Goal Is So Good, It Doesn’t Even Need to Be Hyped Up with Extremist Adjectives

But really. The crazy thing is that Walter Calderon's "why isn't this guy in the Premier League let's sign him for millions of European dollars

Play of the Year: One-Legged Soccer Player Scores an INSANE Goal

Well, I just filled out my ballot for the play of the year. Hell, maybe even the play of the century. 

You Won’t Believe What Lionel Messi Did Now

Lionel Messi is a once-in-a-generation player who can do things no one else can. So it’s no surprise that on a day that saw a

Seattle Sounders’ Fredy Montero Joins the Goal of the Year Conversation

I try super-hard to not be reactionary. I only suggested that Papiss Demba Cisse’s goal on Wednesday was the goal of the year

Liverpool’s Luis Suarez Scores From Far, Far Away

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez wasn’t suspended for today’s Premier League match against Norwich and he took advantage of the opportunity by scoring a

Peter Crouch of Stoke City Scores the Best Soccer Goal You’ll Watch This Weekend

Stoke City vs. Manchester City in the Premier League. Stoke's Peter Crouch absolutely bewilders the soccer world with a beautiful strike from 25-yards

Erlan Mealla’s Scorpion Kick Somehow Finds Back of Net

It's very unlikely many of you were tuned into the Bolivian Campeonato Clausura over the weekend, though kudos to you if you were

Lionel Messi Causes Ray Hudson to Lose His Mind

Few athletes captivate audiences like Lionel Messi and few audiences allow themselves to be captivated like Ray Hudson. So when the Barcelona star completed his

Listen to a South American Soccer Announcer Scream ‘GOOOOAAAALLLLLLLL!!!!!!’ to ‘Hey Jude’

Over the weekend, Uruguay beat Chile in in 2014 World Cup qualifying. Liverpool striker Luis Suarez scored all four goals. But, as is

Someone Finally Got Around to Making a Mash-Up of All the Stjarnan F.C. Goal Celebrations

Remember last July when Iceland's Stjarnan F.C. caught the entire Internet's attention for a hot second with this ridiculous fishing-themed goal celebration? It