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Mexican Soccer Teams Brawl in Las Vegas to Celebrate America’s Independence

Club America and Guadalajara participated in a soccer friendly in Las Vegas on Wednesday. It was far from friendly.

Dude Takes Bad Spill Down Stadium Stairs During Mexico-Venezuela Soccer Fan Fight

Last week Mexico and Venezuela played a friendly game at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego. Although the match

VIDEO: Egyptian Soccer Descends into Riots and Mayhem

Here in America, we generally stay pretty civil when refs blow a call, even when it dramatically affects

Argentinian Soccer Referee Hands Out 36 Red Cards After Epic Soccer Brawl

Over the weekend a huge soccer brawl erupted between Argentina's Claypole and Victoriano Arenas soccer clubs. Coaches and

Danish Soccer Player Gets Punched in the Face While Celebrating Goal

This video is a lesson on what happens when you're a cocky a**hole. After scoring a goal against

Year in Review: The 50 Best Sports Fights of 2010

There's hardly a week that goes by when we don't post at least one video of players or

VIDEO: Check Out This Raw Footage of a Soccer Riot at Birmingham’s Second City Derby

Somewhere David Stern is on a cell phone with Dan Gilbert, sternly warning the Cavs owner that there