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Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Scored a Goal, Put On a Spider-Man Mask

That's a solid celebration.

Colombia’s Soccer Team Is Good at Soccer, Dancing

Solid moves.

Italian Soccer Player Celebrates Goal By Headbutting Glass, Gets Red Card

After scoring the world’s easiest goal, this Italian striker eschewed the congratulations of teammates and made a beeline for a […]

This Free-Kick Goal Took Plenty of Planning, Was Celebrated Vigorously

A futsal team wearing pink running trick plays and celebrating without conscience? Literally all of my favorite things in one place. 

Here’s an Important FIFA 14 Celebration Tutorial

Why even play sports video games if you can’t taunt your opponent with over-the-top celebrations? It’s not enough to win – it’s important to make

Someone Finally Got Around to Making a Mash-Up of All the Stjarnan F.C. Goal Celebrations

Remember last July when Iceland's Stjarnan F.C. caught the entire Internet's attention for a hot second with this ridiculous fishing-themed goal celebration? It