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Jackson Strong’s Snowmobile Crashes Into the Crowd at the Winter X Games

Absolutely terrifying. During Sunday's Winter X Games in Aspen, Jackson Strong attempted a back flip combo of some sort during the Snowmobile Freestyle event.But things went

Are You HARDCORE Enough for Parasledding?

Quick, cue the '80s rock music!

Snowmobiler Survives Insane Avalanche, Captures Video with GoPro

Well, here's some sort of cosmic metaphor for our feelings about Valentine's Day. Tanner Stuart captured this disastrous snowmobile ride up a steep slope in

Heath Frisby Lands Snowmobiling’s First-Ever Frontflip

Heath Frisby became the first to person to ever land a snowmobile frontflip in competition during yesterday's X Games. It was just ...

Watch Snowmobiler Colton Moore’s Dramaic X-Games Crash After Missing a Holy Grab

The X-Games started this evening, which means freestyle snowmobilers are doing questionably sane stunts at the base of Aspen's Buttermilk mountain. Hey, when your sport

VIDEO: Man Crashes Snowmobile; Slides Down Steep Mountain

When I lived in a ski town in Colorado, I enjoyed the occasional snowmobile trip through the backcountry to a remote and virgin ski spot.