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Bros Invent a Jet-Powered Snowboard, Shred the Gnar Fast as Shit

This might be my new favorite way to shred the gnar. These Euro-Bros figured out how to propel their snowboards using electric jet engines.

Olympic Standout Sage Kotsenburg and Kate Upton Are Flirting on Twitter

We approve.

Watch This Bro Snowboard Through the Streets of NYC Because You’re Just As Bored As He Was

While the entire East Coast was stuck inside the house for the hundredth time in a month, Casey Neistat thought […]

Norwegian Snowboarder Silje Norendal Is a Total Babe, Has a Very Hot Instagram

Bros, we can’t fail you now on making sure you know about the hottest girls of the 2014 Winter Olympics. Norwegian […]

Team USA Won Its First Gold Medal with This SICK Snowboarding Trick by Sage Kotsenburg

  Such a sick move, Bo. Sage Sotsenburg is BroBible’s new hero. Congrats on winning the first gold for Team USA. The […]

Snowboarder Has a Brutal Crash on the Dangerous Slopestyle Course Shaun White Refuses To Ride

Earlier today Norwegian snowboarder Kjersti Buaas tried to shred Sochi’s crazy-dangerous slopestyle course during a competition. Yes, the same one […]

After Multiple Injures, the Sochi Snowboarding Course Was Deemed Too Dangerous

Another day, another great story out of Sochi (by great I mean terrible, although the constant stream of bad news […]

Snowboarding With a Moose Looks Fun

Because who wouldn't want to chase a moose down a mountain?

Burton’s Snowboarding Jackets for the 2014 Olympics Are Sick

A couple days ago, Burton released the official jacket U.S. snowboarders will wear in Sochi. 

Watch Shaun White Win the Snowboard Snowpipe Final with This Run

Anyone else remember when Shaun White was the freakishly talented 15-year-old snowboarder who stunned everyone at the Winter X Games 11 years ago? It's still

Snowboarder Seb Toots Does Run Through Downtown Montreal in Sweet Video

What do you do when it snows in your city? Pelt strangers with snowballs? Build a snowman with an icicle erection? Stay in and drink

Newest ‘People Are Awesome’ Compilation May Make You Question What You’re Doing with Your Life

The extremes of extreme sports, breathtaking views, and somehow inspiring fails--it's all here. 

This is What Extreme Carving on a Snowboard at Looks Like 1000 FPS

A bunch of Russians headed into the powder patches of the Ezhovaya Mountains of Siberia and filmmed this absolutely stunning super-slo mo, super-HD video. The

Here’s a Snowboard Movie Inspired By the Movie ‘Drive’

On the surface, John Lyke's latest snowboard video is pretty tame; It's just him going over the same rail (the Guru Rail) at Sugarbush over

If Michael Bay Made a Snowboarding Movie, This is What It’d Look Like

The headline says it all for this explosive VFX clip from Corridor Digital. Kinda needs a buxom blonde or two in distress to

Night Snowboarding In a L.E.D Snowsuit Looks Trippy

Here's a jacket you won't find at your local REI. Designer John Spatcher recently bejeweled professional snowboarder William Hughes in a suit covered

Red Bull Supernatural Looks F*cking Crazy

What do you get when you put 18 of the world's top snowboarders on a private big mountain course with manmade features built in throughout?

Meesh Hynter Survives Class-3 Avalanche Thanks to Airbag

Professional snowboarder Meesh Hynter was saved by an airbag when she was caught in a class-3 avalanche in Colorado last week. The device

Shaun White Scores the First Perfect 100 in X-Games History on the Snowboard Superpipe

Shaun White dominated the Superpipe at the 2012 X Games, handily winning the gold before his fourth and final run. But, rather than

Epic Snowboarding Video: Just Another Powder Day at Baldface, British Columbia

Last night someone sent us this great GoPro powder-adult entertainment from Baldface Lodge in British Columbia. Just three-and-a-half minutes of shredding through the glades and

17 Best Ski and Snow Athletes to Follow on Twitter

With the 2nd Winter Dew Tour stop at Killington this past week and Winter X-Games this weekend, the ski and snowboard contest season is in

Win Passes to This Weekend’s Under Armour 3rd Rail Jam at Echo Mountain in Colorado

Our friends at the Under Armour 3rd Rail Jam are hitting mountain resorts all over the country once again this winter, combining snow sport competitions

Scott Steven’s Part In ‘Defenders of Awesome’ Makes Snowboarding Look Like Skateboarding

All my life I've been a two-planker, so it's kinda in my DNA to have an on-again, off-again grudge against snowboaders. But Westfield,

Seven Ski Areas to Shred If Your Home Resort is Currently Snowless

It’s January, and Colorado hasn’t seen a good snowstorm in weeks. I’m sitting in the Active Junky office in Denver right now and it’s

Watch a Snowboarder Cause a Huge, Scary Backcountry Avalanche at Jackson Hole

If you've ever hiked/shredded a backcountry bowl like this, you'll probably find this to be scary as hell. Allow the description on Vimeo to set

USC’s Ski and Snowboard Team Thrashes Mammoth Mountain During Finals Week

Last year we came across the USC's Ski and Snowboard Team and their kick-ass YouTube videos. A few weeks ago the USC crew

Watch British Snowboarder Billy Morgan Land the First Ever Triple Rodeo

Start watching at the 1:25 mark. This will blow your mind.

‘Salt Boarding’ on Empty Desert Salt Flats Seems Like a Good Time

Another awesome video from Devin Super Tramp, this time for Utah's BLANK snowboards. It's like wake boarding for landlubbers.

2011 BroBible Holiday Wish List: Gear for the Thrill-Seeking Bro

Every year, revolutionary new products hit the market and old products receive updates and facelifts both inside and out. This year, new ski and

Amazing Travis Rice POV ‘The Art of FLIGHT’ Bonus Footage

This outtake from "The Art of FLIGHT" from Red Bull's YouTube channel is probably the most legit snowboarding video you'll watch all week.

Watch an Awesome Skiing/Snowboarding Aerial Video to Get Amped to Shred Freshies

The New York Times Travel section ruined my Sunday yesterday with its annual "Ski Issue" and this particularly awesome illustration. Like a kid

Bored? Watch a Compilation of Snowboarding FAILs

Here's an entertaining video of guys who decided to go big or go home and ended up eating their words in truly epic fashion. Real

Snowboarder Danny Davis Presents ‘Snow P*rn’

Mustachioed snowboard pro Danny Davis dropped this filthy highlight reel on Burton Snowboard's YouTube channel last week. Snow adult entertainment like this is

Introducing the iShred Snowboard, a Snowboard That’s an iPad

Earlier this month the design crew at Signal Snowboards built a board so geeky that it's remarkably cool. Called the iShred, the gang

10 Accessories You Need to Have On the Mountain This Winter

For most situations, accessories aren’t super important for guys. A nice watch, clean shoes, and a fresh hat are all you really need to

17 Ski/Snowboard Jackets You Need to Know About for the 2011-2012 Winter Season

How old is your winter jacket?  If it’s ripped, dirty, too small, or only a fleece, it’s time to upgrade.  Winter weather is beginning

15 Fresh Pairs of Goggles You Need to Know About for the 2012 Ski/Snowboard Season

Before we get into the new goggles of the year, let’s get one thing straight: Men, unless it’s April and you’re lapping the park,

10 Snowboards You Need To Know About For the 2011-2012 Shred Season

Ok guys: Last week we brought you skis. This week, we’ve got boards. La Nina is back and the west coast is getting dumped

Watch the Bangers N Mash 2011 Snowboard Trailer Compilation

Our buddies at BNQT.com decided to mash-up some of the best snowboard movie trailer into one epic supercut to get you stoked for snow season.

Why Ride When You Can Fly: A Talk with Snowboarder Travis Rice About ‘The Art of FLIGHT’

In case you haven't noticed, we've been drooling for months over the trailers for "The Art of FLIGHT." Filmed by Brain Farm, the same production