Watch This Dog Shovel Snow. Stop. Realize How Fucking Stupid Cats Are.

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The upper-half of North America is covered in leftover snow from polar vortex after vortex, and cats don't seem to be doing a ding-dangity-dong thing about it.

red pandas

These 4 GIFs Of Red Pandas Playing In The Snow Will Get You Through The Polar Vortex


When I laid my eyes down to rest last night after schlepping it up and down bars on Third Avenue here in NYC, I checked the weather on my phone and it was 8 degrees, with a 'feel like' temperature of -8.

trick shots

The Best Faceplant Of The Year So Far Is Also The Worst Trick Shot Of 2015


I'll just say this upfront: I'm completely tired of seeing trick shots on the Internet.

2015 blizzard

Snowplow Operator Does Some Sick Donuts On The Weather Channel


The world does not need another Blizzard of 2015 joke.

badass cats

Here’s A Cat Catching A Snowball In Slow-Motion, Because It’s A Goddamn Cat Catching A Snowball In Slow-Motion


#DeathStorm2K15 may be hitting much of America but this cat gives no fucks as he skies like Odell Beckham, Jr.

formula one

Watch A Formula One Car Race Through The Snow And Have Your Mind Blown To Smithereens


After watching this Formula One car, a car clearly not meant for driving in the snow, being raced around the Nürburgring Nordshleife race track by Andy Gülden, I think we'll all realize just how stupid we are to complain about how slick the roads are when we get a little dusting of the white stuff.


Just A Baby Panda Tumbling Down A Snow-Covered Hill


Baby pandas are the best kind of pandas.

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