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If You Didn’t Hate Drake Before, You Definitely Will After Watching this ‘Between Two Ferns’ Ripoff

Drake is a comedy genius, you guys!

The Best Tidbits from Adam Sandler’s Awesome Interview On Norm Macdonald Live

Sandler speaks on why he won't host SNL, and whether or not he'll ever do a sequel to Billy Madison or Happy Gilmore.

Watch an Andy Samberg-Starring Ad for Testicle Cologne That Was Cut from ‘SNL’

Either because it was too crass or too weird, this Andy Samberg ad for "Testicules" (cologne for your balls!) was cut from SNL on Saturday.

The Jay-Z-Solange Fight Gets the Audio It Deserves Courtesy of ‘SNL’

You knew it was coming.

‘SNL’s’ Bikini Beach Party Featured Several Exploding Dead Whales


Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Get Kissing Lessons on ‘SNL’

Turns out Chris Martin moonlights from his music career as a kissing coach. Who knew?! Well played, Emma Stone.

‘SNL’ Took on the Donald Sterling Scandal to Funny Results

Featuring Taran Killam in a bald cap and Bobby Moynihan in the minimum amount of makeup possible to look 80.

You Will Love Anna Kendrick Even More After Watching Her Promos for ‘SNL’

Anna Kendrick, Internet dreamgirl, is hosting this week's SNL.

Watch This Louis C.K. SNL Sketch That Was Too Bizarre for Saturday’s Show

This sketch from Saturday's show, which featured a lot of incredible sketches and a hilarious opening monologue, was left for dead on the dress rehearsal

The ‘SNL’ Digital Short on ’90s Alternative Dudes Is Pitch-Perfect

Possible genius Kyle Mooney has delivered a few brilliant digital shorts this season.

Louis C.K. Delivered a Hilarious, Brutal Opening Monologue on ‘SNL’ Last Night

"Women have a rough time. It was so okay to beat your wife until recently, we have a kind of shirt named after it!"

Louis C.K.’s SNL Promos with Kenan Thompson are ______?

We can't decided if these are good or complete shit. So you tell us.

Here’s Rare Footage of Chris Farley Performing Iconic Matt Foley Character Before He Was on SNL

The Second City upload this ancient video —  shot in 1990, pretty sure that qualifies it as ancient — to […]

Taran Killam Talks to BroBible About His New Comic Book, ‘SNL’, and Binging on Video Games

When I met Taran Killam, at the Xbox One loft in Midtown, I had been drinking his characters. Specifically the Jack Steele, a spiked cider and

Watch the Original Cast of ‘Saturday Night Live’ Be Interviewed Before Their First Show

The interview isn't great—Tom Snyder is all over the place and Lorne Michaels and Chevy Chase dominate the discussion—but for history's sake, this clip recorded

Miley Cyrus’ ‘We Did Stop’ SNL Parody Is the Best Video About the Government Shutdown Yet

In case you've been living in a cave, those of us in the United States are about to enter Week 2 of a very frustrating

The Miley Cyrus Sex Tape Finally Happened

A Miley Cyrus sex tape finally happened. Well, sorta. On Saturday Night Live, at least, as part of a sketch about a fictious Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Hilariously Parodied Her Twerking ‘VMA’s Performance on ‘SNL’ Last Night

Miley Cyrus hosted SNL last night, and by all accounts it was a success, if only because she ably did what every successful guest does: Make

‘Saturday Night Live’ Makes Fun of ‘Girls,’ Plus Ex-Adult Stars and More Aaron Paul Awesomeness

Saturday Night Live kicked off its 39th season with one of its most beloved female alumni, Tina Fey, as the host. This season marks a bit of a

Jesse Pinkman Makes a Surprise Cameo on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ Almost Spoils ‘Breaking Bad’ Ending

During last night's season premiere of Saturday Night Live, Aaron Paul made a surprise cameo as Jesse Pinkman. He showed up during the show's opening sketch with Jay

Watch a Hilarious Supercut of ‘SNL’ Cast Members Breaking Character

SNL cast members breaking character is the Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia of entertainment. You don't want it every day, it's not that great for

Bill Hader Called This ‘SNL’ Sketch with Justin Bieber ‘The Greatest Trainwreck Ever’

Back in May, we posted a video of Bill Hader talking to Howard Stern about how big of a diva Justin Bieber was during his

The 15 Funniest SNL Sketches and Moments from This Past Season

I have a lot of opinons about Saturday Night Live. I don't think this is weird, because, well, everyone has a lot of

Jason Sudeikis’ 10 Best ‘Saturday Night Live’ Moments

Not going to lie: Though it's been rumored he's leave SNL for, like, three years, I'm not taking the news of Jason Sudeikis' departure from

The Biggest Bro on Saturday Night Live, Jason Sudeikis, Is Leaving the Show

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo! This stings more than when Andy Samberg left SNL and things turned to absolute shit. Now my life is really going to suck.

Kristin Wiig Hosts a Sloppy Mother’s Day ‘SNL’ Poopfest

No matter how hard they try, not all SNL episodes are equal. There are bad Saturday Night Live episodes and then there episodes that

Zach Galifianakis Hosts SNL with Jokes About ‘Game of Thrones’ and Fat F*cks Who Wear New Balance

The best thing about Zach Galifianakis hosting SNL is that you know it's going to be WEIRD. Like, unicorns tripping on ketamine weird. Thus, on

Zach Galifianakis Is Hosting SNL This Week and Here’s a Promo with Bro Legend Jason Sudeikis

Zach Galifianakis + biggest Bro on SNL, Jason Sudeikis = Ultimate Bromance comedy superhero duo. Fingers-crossed there's a new "Maine Justice."   

Justin Timberlake Not-So-Subtly Responded To Kanye West’s Diss On ‘SNL’

Remember Kanye West's anti-corporate rant in London and Paris a few weeks ago about how much he dislikes Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z's "Suit and Tie"? In Yeezy's

Jason Sudeikis, Justin Timberlake, and Andy Samberg Do a New ‘Maine Justice,’ Now with Alligators

I know, I know... We already did a recap of last night's totally amazing SNL with Justin Timberlake. Missing from that recap, though, was a

Jason Sudeikis on Smoking Up, Plus 4 More Thing We Learned From His High Times Magazine Interview

A few weeks ago I gushed about my bro-crush on Jason Sudeikis. For their March 2013 issue, High Times magazine interviewed our favorite SNL cast

SNL Recap: Adam Levine Hosts as SNL Makes Fun of Ray Lewis, Catfish TV Show, and Thailand Sex Trips

Poor Jennifer Lawrence: First she hosts a massive dud of an SNL episode, now she has pneumonia. However, the show managed to bounce back in

Lonely Island Makes Fun of YOLO on SNL with Kendrick Lamar and Adam Levine

Figures that Lorne Michaels would bring back Andy Samberg and The Lonely Island for one of the best SNL Digital Shorts in a long, long

Jennifer Lawrence Hosts a Saturday Night Live Episode That’s For the Dogs

Before taking a month off, Saturday Night Live managed to surprise us with a few hilarious episodes. In hindsight, these were mostly host driven affairs:

Jennifer Lawrence’s Promos for Saturday Night Live Hit the Internet

Jennifer Lawrence is everywhere these days, but we can't get enough of it. Seriously now, everything about her is pretty awesome: Personality, looks, choice in acting

According to Hulu, These Are the Top 5 SNL Moments of 2012

See, this right here is why I can't stand "Top 5" posts: Because it's impossible read/watch without going, "HEY... MY FAVORITE SKETCH SHOULD HAVE MADE

Another Great Unaired ‘Saturday Night Live’ Sketch, This Time Featuring Martin Short in High School

These unaired "Saturday Night Live" dress rehearsal sketches keep getting better and better. Last week's unaired sketch featuring Bill Hader and Fred Armisen as New York City doormen was

8 Highlights from Martin Short’s Special Holiday ‘Saturday Night Live’ Episode

You have to be a Grinch with a heart three sizes too small if you didn't like this week's holiday edition of Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live Opened With a Children’s Choir Singing ‘Silent Night’ and It Was Just Perfect

In the wake of the incomprehensible tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, Saturday Night Live opened with the New York Children’s Chorus singing a beautiful rendition of "Silent Night."

This Unaired Bill Hader and Fred Armisen SNL Sketch Is Great

The best SNL sketches are the ones where the comedians have truly lost themselves in the role, breaking character to start cracking up. Back in 1993,