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Eminem Loves Cupcakes

Eminem is all set to be the musical guest on this week's Saturday Night Live, hosted by Kerry Washington. His promos for the episode, filmed for

Miley Cyrus’ ‘We Did Stop’ SNL Parody Is the Best Video About the Government Shutdown Yet

In case you've been living in a cave, those of us in the United States are about to enter Week 2 of a very frustrating

The Miley Cyrus Sex Tape Finally Happened

A Miley Cyrus sex tape finally happened. Well, sorta. On Saturday Night Live, at least, as part of a sketch about a fictious Miley Cyrus

‘Saturday Night Live’ Makes Fun of ‘Girls,’ Plus Ex-Adult Stars and More Aaron Paul Awesomeness

Saturday Night Live kicked off its 39th season with one of its most beloved female alumni, Tina Fey, as the host. This season marks a bit of a

Bill Hader Called This ‘SNL’ Sketch with Justin Bieber ‘The Greatest Trainwreck Ever’

Back in May, we posted a video of Bill Hader talking to Howard Stern about how big of a diva Justin Bieber was during his

Zach Galifianakis Is Hosting SNL This Week and Here’s a Promo with Bro Legend Jason Sudeikis

Zach Galifianakis + biggest Bro on SNL, Jason Sudeikis = Ultimate Bromance comedy superhero duo. Fingers-crossed there's a new "Maine Justice."   

Jason Sudeikis, Justin Timberlake, and Andy Samberg Do a New ‘Maine Justice,’ Now with Alligators

I know, I know... We already did a recap of last night's totally amazing SNL with Justin Timberlake. Missing from that recap, though, was a

Lonely Island Makes Fun of YOLO on SNL with Kendrick Lamar and Adam Levine

Figures that Lorne Michaels would bring back Andy Samberg and The Lonely Island for one of the best SNL Digital Shorts in a long, long

According to Hulu, These Are the Top 5 SNL Moments of 2012

See, this right here is why I can't stand "Top 5" posts: Because it's impossible read/watch without going, "HEY... MY FAVORITE SKETCH SHOULD HAVE MADE

Another Great Unaired ‘Saturday Night Live’ Sketch, This Time Featuring Martin Short in High School

These unaired "Saturday Night Live" dress rehearsal sketches keep getting better and better. Last week's unaired sketch featuring Bill Hader and Fred Armisen as New York City doormen was

8 Highlights from Martin Short’s Special Holiday ‘Saturday Night Live’ Episode

You have to be a Grinch with a heart three sizes too small if you didn't like this week's holiday edition of Saturday Night Live

This Unaired Bill Hader and Fred Armisen SNL Sketch Is Great

The best SNL sketches are the ones where the comedians have truly lost themselves in the role, breaking character to start cracking up. Back in 1993,

SNL Recap: Jeremy Renner Hosts, the Petraeus Scandal Is Mocked, and Chris Christie Steals the Show

After having a dynamite year at the box office, Saturday night Jeremy Renner took his first stab at hosting SNL. Sadly for the breakout star

Obama Pledges All Sorts of Support for Ohio After Hurricane Sandy in SNL Dress Rehearsal Sketch

It's pretty easy to see why this didn't make the cut for this past week's Saturday Night Live. Still, I can't wait until the votes

SNL Shames Apple Geeks and iPhone 5 Hysteria with ‘Tech Talk’ Skit

You know what's a good time? Making fun of Apple fanboys who care waaaay too much about Apple Maps glitches and how the new iPhone

Jerry Seinfeld Wrote Angry Letter to New York Times Columnist For Bashing One of His Favorite Words

New York Times Columnist, Neil Genzlinger, is not a fan of SNL's Weekend Update "Really" segment or people using the word really in any like

SNL Mocks ‘The Girl You Wish You Wouldn’t Have Started a Conversation with at a Party’

Last night was the second and final "Saturday Night Live" Election Special. Jay Pharoah opened the episode as President Obama at an Ohio rally. Once

SNL’s First Election Special Features Jason Sudeikis as Mitt Romney and ‘Fox and Friends’ Mockery

Maybe you missed it while your were thirsty Thursday boozing, but NBC aired a brand-new "SNL" election season special on Thursday evening. The timing counldn't

Watch a Dress Rehearsal Version of SNL’s ‘The Californians’

"The Californians" is probably one of the best recurring SNL sketches in recent memory. Probably doubly so if you're a Southern California resident. Today we

SNL’s Hilarious Skit on Blue Ivy Carter

SNL's opener was strong, but so was this skit on Jay-Z and Beyonce's super child, Blue Ivy Carter. Justin Timberlake as Bon Iver is classic.

SNL Mocks Verizon’s 4G LTE Commercials, Clint Eastwood’s Super Bowl Spot for Chrysler, and Nic Cage

Three noteworthy spots on SNL last night. Cell phone commercials are obnoxious. Verizon's perhaps are the worst with their meaningless technobabble and alpha-numeric marketing buzzwords.

SNL Hilariously Mocks ESPN’s ‘Bowl Madness’ Ad Nauseam

As I write this, ESPN is currently airing the GoDaddy.com Bowl between Arkansas State and Northern Illinois. Do you care? Exactly. We're a

Steve Buscemi and ‘SNL’ Spoof Penn State and Syracuse Abuse Scandals as ‘Coach Bert’

Steve Buscemi hosted this week's "Saturday Night Live," giving us perhaps one of the best topical sketches of the season thus far. In a successful

Video: SNL Nails the Penn State Scandal

At least from my point of view, it was hard to not be obsessed with the 24/7 news coverage out of Happy Valley last week.

VIDEO: Lonely Island Finds Out the Hard Way About Michael Bolton’s Obsession with Jack Sparrow

Lonely Island recruited Michael Bolton to sing the hook in their latest SNL digital short. Awesome, right? Not so much. The gang finds out mid-music