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Miley Cyrus’ ‘We Did Stop’ SNL Parody Is the Best Video About the Government Shutdown Yet

In case you've been living in a cave, those of us in the United States are about to enter Week 2 of a very frustrating

Miley Cyrus Hilariously Parodied Her Twerking ‘VMA’s Performance on ‘SNL’ Last Night

Miley Cyrus hosted SNL last night, and by all accounts it was a success, if only because she ably did what every successful guest does: Make

‘Saturday Night Live’ Makes Fun of ‘Girls,’ Plus Ex-Adult Stars and More Aaron Paul Awesomeness

Saturday Night Live kicked off its 39th season with one of its most beloved female alumni, Tina Fey, as the host. This season marks a bit of a

The 15 Funniest SNL Sketches and Moments from This Past Season

I have a lot of opinons about Saturday Night Live. I don't think this is weird, because, well, everyone has a lot of

Kristin Wiig Hosts a Sloppy Mother’s Day ‘SNL’ Poopfest

No matter how hard they try, not all SNL episodes are equal. There are bad Saturday Night Live episodes and then there episodes that

Zach Galifianakis Hosts SNL with Jokes About ‘Game of Thrones’ and Fat F*cks Who Wear New Balance

The best thing about Zach Galifianakis hosting SNL is that you know it's going to be WEIRD. Like, unicorns tripping on ketamine weird. Thus, on

Vince Vaughn Hosts and Miguel Performs on a Quality SNL

Maybe we should have seen a downgrade coming after the heights of last week's Melissa McCarthy-hosted SNL. This is, after all, an incredibly difficult show

SNL Mocks the Rutgers Mike Rice Scandal, Peter Dinklage with ‘Drunk Uncle,’ and Phoenix Performs

Last night Melissa McCarthy hosted "Saturday Night Live," giving one of the best damn episodes of the SNL season, right up there with Justin Timberlake

Jason Sudeikis, Justin Timberlake, and Andy Samberg Do a New ‘Maine Justice,’ Now with Alligators

I know, I know... We already did a recap of last night's totally amazing SNL with Justin Timberlake. Missing from that recap, though, was a

SNL Recap: Adam Levine Hosts as SNL Makes Fun of Ray Lewis, Catfish TV Show, and Thailand Sex Trips

Poor Jennifer Lawrence: First she hosts a massive dud of an SNL episode, now she has pneumonia. However, the show managed to bounce back in

Jennifer Lawrence Hosts a Saturday Night Live Episode That’s For the Dogs

Before taking a month off, Saturday Night Live managed to surprise us with a few hilarious episodes. In hindsight, these were mostly host driven affairs:

Another Great Unaired ‘Saturday Night Live’ Sketch, This Time Featuring Martin Short in High School

These unaired "Saturday Night Live" dress rehearsal sketches keep getting better and better. Last week's unaired sketch featuring Bill Hader and Fred Armisen as New York City doormen was

8 Highlights from Martin Short’s Special Holiday ‘Saturday Night Live’ Episode

You have to be a Grinch with a heart three sizes too small if you didn't like this week's holiday edition of Saturday Night Live

This Unaired Bill Hader and Fred Armisen SNL Sketch Is Great

The best SNL sketches are the ones where the comedians have truly lost themselves in the role, breaking character to start cracking up. Back in 1993,

Maine Justice, Tree Pimps, and Ding Dongs: Highlights from Jamie Foxx Hosting SNL

Promoting "Django Unchained," Jamie Foxx got back to his sketch comedy roots by hosting this week's "Saturday Night Live." It's the first time he's hosted

SNL Recap: Jeremy Renner Hosts, the Petraeus Scandal Is Mocked, and Chris Christie Steals the Show

After having a dynamite year at the box office, Saturday night Jeremy Renner took his first stab at hosting SNL. Sadly for the breakout star

SNL Mocks ‘Homeland,’ Mitt Romney Losing the Election, and Annoying Girls

Ask yourself this: Does America really need to see Anne Hathaway host Saturday Night Live for the third time? I think the popular vote would easily be "nay."

Obama Pledges All Sorts of Support for Ohio After Hurricane Sandy in SNL Dress Rehearsal Sketch

It's pretty easy to see why this didn't make the cut for this past week's Saturday Night Live. Still, I can't wait until the votes

Louie Is Lincoln: Our 8 Favorite Moments from Louis C.K. Hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’

No one knows how to rise to an occasion quite like "Saturday Night Live." Going into the show, we knew there would be comedy magic

SNL Shames Apple Geeks and iPhone 5 Hysteria with ‘Tech Talk’ Skit

You know what's a good time? Making fun of Apple fanboys who care waaaay too much about Apple Maps glitches and how the new iPhone

SNL Mocks the First Presidential Debate, Bond Girls, Big Bird, and MSNBC

SNL might just be the best thing about Presidential election season. Last week's first Presidential debate provided plenty of fodder for Jason Sudeikis and Jay Pharoah

SNL Mocks ‘The Girl You Wish You Wouldn’t Have Started a Conversation with at a Party’

Last night was the second and final "Saturday Night Live" Election Special. Jay Pharoah opened the episode as President Obama at an Ohio rally. Once

SNL Recap: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is ‘The Son of the Most Interesting Man in the World’

"Looper" hits theaters this week, so Joseph Gordon-Levitt took the stage at 30 Rock to host this week's Saturday Night Live. The things we expected

SNL’s First Election Special Features Jason Sudeikis as Mitt Romney and ‘Fox and Friends’ Mockery

Maybe you missed it while your were thirsty Thursday boozing, but NBC aired a brand-new "SNL" election season special on Thursday evening. The timing counldn't

The 8 Best Moments From Will Ferrell Hosting SNL

Will Ferrell + hosting SNL = Massive expectations for the best episode of the season. Though Ferrell definitely delivered at times (perhaps most noteably by

Eli Manning Hosts SNL: ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Mother’s Day Commercial and 5 Other Highlights

More often than not, sports figures drop the metaphorical ball when they host SNL. Charles Barkley's show earlier this season earned more yawns than laughs.

SNL Explains Why There Are So Many Bare Breasts in ‘Game of Thrones’

In case you missed Josh Brolin hosting SNL this weekend, here's the best sketch. HBO's "Game of Thrones" is notorious for gratuitous shots of neeeeeeeked

SNL Mocks ‘Sports Science’ with Jonah Hill Taking Tennis Balls Below the Belt

Last night's SNL mocked ESPN's Sports Science with this ridiculous sketch, complete with Andy Samberg doing his best John Brenkus impression and Jonah Hill repeatedly

Watch SNL’s Opening ‘Linsanity’ Spoof

Last night SNL opened with a brilliant spoof of how the sports media machine has handled "Linsanity," not-so-subtly pointing out all sorts of double-standards and

Video: SNL Nails the Penn State Scandal

At least from my point of view, it was hard to not be obsessed with the 24/7 news coverage out of Happy Valley last week.