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Nike Unveils 5 New Colorways for the KD7s

Can I interest you in a little shoe porn on this lovely summer Friday?

Adidas’ New SpringBlade Drive Sneaker Looks Like a Game-Changer

Wouldn't go running in mud with these.

Nike’s LeBron 11 ‘South Beach’ Are Officially Unveiled

LeBron is one tacky mother fucker.

These Special Edition NBA-Branded Shoes Practically Bleed America

Fly look.

A Brief History of Sneakerheads’ Girlfriends Ruining Their Boyfriends’ Lives

No no no! Break her heart? Guess what, fellas, she knows how to break yours. Below is a brief history of

What Your Shoe Choice Tells Everyone About You

What do you notice first about a person? The way they walk? Their handshake? Their smile? Something else? I might be the strangest fucking person

Various Adidas Shoe Departments Collaborated to Create Pure Boost, A Running Shoe For Any Occasion

For the first time ever, the top designers from adidas Sport Performance, Y-3 and Originals put their heads together to create a shoe.

Nike’s New Air Yeezy 2 Red October Sneakers by Kanye West Are Selling on eBay for $5,000

  Are you a sneakerhead sitting on $5,000 that you don’t know how to spend? Good news! This afternoon at 1:00 PM […]

DC’s New Custom Wu-Tang Leather Boots and Peacoat #AintNothingTaFuckWit

20 years ago the Wu-Tang Clan dropped one of the most influential hip hop albums of all time, Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). To commorate

Nike Unveils LeBron James’ New Sneakers, the LeBron 11s

Yesterday Nike released the first pictures of the brand-spankin' new Nike LeBron 11s. The Swoosh says the shoe is “designed to protect LeBron James and

Colin Kaepernick’s Shoe Collection is ROBUST

Someone needs to remind Colin Kaepernick that he's only got two feet on his body. 

The 5 Coolest Sneakers Inspired By TV Shows and Movies

Over the years television shows, movies and video games have slowly drained and brainwashed generation after generation. We get lost in our weekly scheduling of

Top 10 Sneakers That Never Should Have Come Out

They Came. They Saw. But couldn't quite conquer the hearts and soles of sneakerheads around the globe. Sneakerheads have always been particular about the brand

Rate Carmelo Anthony’s New Custom Jordans

Melo's Air Jordans are a giant steaming pot of dopesauce. Siiick kicks, Melo.

Guess What NBA Player Needs Two U-Hauls for His Sneaker Collection?

That's just seems... excessive. 

Google Unveils a Talking ‘Google Sneaker’ Because Google Does Whatever the Hell Google Wants

Google continues to never be satisfied and at SXSW they unveiled a new talking shoe that connects to your Android smartphone and gives you it's

The 50 Shoes That Every Bro Needs

  A key part of any man's style is his footwear. For the Bros, it could be some fresh Nikes with black mid-calves or some Sperry's

The New Jordans Are Pretty Fugly, But Here’s a Video of the Designers Trying to Explain It Anyway

$250 a pop. That's how much the corporate crooks behind the Air Jordan XX8′s are asking for the ugliest sneaker ever designed. 

A Look Inside the Mind of a Sneaker Collector

Sneakerheads have their own subculture. Hundreds of websites, like NiceKicks and KicksOnFire, are dedicated to sneaker collectors and enthusiasts. Recently, Thrash Lab took and in-depth

The UA Spine RPM is UnderArmour’s Coming Out Party in Performance Footwear

Since UnderArmour launched its first shoe in 2006, it has been flying under the radar in the world of performance footwear. While Nike, New Balance,

Air Jordan 4 Military Blue Colorway to Drop Saturday June 9th

For all you serious collectors out there -- or casual Michael Jordan devotees -- the Air Jordan 4 (Military Blue) are coming back around and

Inside the Mind of a Sneakerhead: The 10 Hottest Custom Sneakers

Sneakers not only play a role in an individual’s style, but they’re also a non-traditional art canvas for creative geniuses. Inspiration often comes from

10 Skateboarding Sneakers For People Who Can’t Stand Skateboarders

Generally speaking, skateboarding makes us go "meh" in a big way. However, there are plenty of kicks out there marketed toward boarders worth coping,

Bring on Baseball: Top 5 Ken Griffey Sneakers to Rock this Spring

Baseball season is right around the corner and what better way to get pumped for baseball season then by arming yourself with a pair

5 Classic Kicks with 2012 Makeovers

Nothing beats lacing up a nice pair of classic kicks. While some sneakers these days have become a spectacle over being functional footwear, Soletron

SLIDESHOW: Which NBA Baller Had the Coolest Special Edition Christmas/Opening Day Sneakers?

The NBA returned yesterday, giving many sneaker companies a chance to debute their freshest wares to a national audience for the first time. In

Soletron’s iPhone App Is The Holy Grail for Sneakerheads

Where'd you get those kicks?" When do those come out ?  How long did you have to wait in line? I must have heard my

D. Rose Is a Bull In New adiZero Rose 2 Commercial

With no end to the NBA lockout in sight, sneakers companies have to be feeling the pressure on how they're going to market

Brian Wilson Bought a Pair of Marty McFly’s ‘Nike Air Mags’

If you had Brian Wilson at the top of your office pool for celebrities most likely to scoop up the Nike Air Mags first, congratulations!

Yes, Marty McFly’s ‘Nike Air Mags’ Are REAL and Selling for $75,000 On E-Bay (For a Great Cause!)

After 22-years in the making, Nike Air Mags -- the greatest sneaker to never exist -- are finally REAL. For a lot of

Nike Air Mag Slideshow

Nike's Air Mags! Click on the photo above to check out Marty McFly's kicks!

Is Nike’s Releasing Marty McFly’s ‘Nike Air Mags’ from ‘Back to the Future II’?

“Power Laces! Alriiight!” That's what Marty McFly joyously exclaimed when he snapped into a pair of Nike Air Mags in 1989's "Back to

10 Summer Sneaker/Shade Combos for Summer 2011

Mike D once said "Got more sneakers than a plumber got pliers" and really, shouldn't everybody? But as you can see in the picture, Mike D (as

10 Summer Sneaker/Shade Combos for Summer 2011

Mike D once said "Got more sneakers that a plumber got pliers" and really, shouldn't everybody? But as you can see in the picture, Mike D

The 25 Best Turf Dogs of All Time

A few weeks ago our friends over at Warrior were kind enough to send us some of their new lifestyle shoes, the Hound Dogs, to

First Photos and Details of Air Jordans 2011 Released

I haven't bought a pair of Air Jordans since about the eighth grade, but I've got to say I'm impressed with the new Air Jordan