Snapchat Just Removed The ‘Best Friends’ Feature To Let You Send Unlimited Dick Pics Without A Paper Trail


In what the company is heralding as the biggest update in Snapchat history, today the company has rolled out 'Discover', along with a few other changes.


Bro Makes Epic Snapchat Story About Shaving His Beard Off


As a bearded Bro, this man's Snapchat story breaks my heart.

jameis winston

Here’s A Snapchat Of Jameis Winston Sticking His Tongue Out And Asking For A Tit Pic From Some Girl

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When you hear the sentence "Here's a snapchat of Jameis Winston asking for tit pics," is your immediate response "Wow that's probably fake" or "How unsurprising".

yik yak

The Frat Bros Who Founded Yik Yak Are Getting Sued By Their Fellow Frat Bro


Apparently when it comes to starting successful apps with your fraternity brothers geared towards college students, time is a flat circle.


You Can Now Send Your Friends Money Via Snapchat


Are you sick of Venmo, Google Wallet, or the many, numerous "send money" apps most big banks have.

scary videos

Amazing Video: Girl Snapchatting Outside Almost Gets Struck By Lightning


I think God was sending this girl a message when a lightning bolt almost struck her while she was outside Snapchatting and she caught it all on video.

snapchat stories

Bro Documents His Descent Into Madness After His Roommate Doesn’t Get Home In EPIC Snapchat Story


This evening a Bro hit up the BroBible tip line with the epic tale of the time he didn't show at the time he told his roommate was home.


Snapchat Is About To Start Having Pop-Ups And AutoPlay Ads AKA Everyone Is About To Stop Using Snapchat


Do you love annoying autoplay ads that scare the shit outta ya when you’re silently browsing the Internet at 3 a.


A Guy Sent This SnapChat Video To His Friends Of Him Making Out With 36 Girls In One Night

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YouTube You know how I know that this guy would suck his own dick if it were physically possible.

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