Girl Creates An Amazing Guide To What Snapchat Snaps From Girls Mean


Like Tinder and Instagram, Snapchat is a dating game changer.


Snapchat Is More Likely To Share Your Private Info With Law Enforcement Agencies Than Facebook Or Twitter


Snapchat has released its first ever transparency report detailing the ways in which Snapchat has complies with both foreign and domestic law enforcement agencies' requests for private user data.

college partying

Move Over, Snapchat: College Kids Are Using An App Called ‘Yeti: Campus Stories’ For Pics Of Sex, Drugs, And Partying


If there's one thing college kids love more than sex and partying, it's making college Snapchats where they share their sex and partying.

colorado state

The Colorado State Snapchat Account Has A Thing Called ‘Titty Tuesday,’ Need I Say More? Okay, Drugs. Lots Of Drugs.


If you’ve never visited Colorado State then you, my friend (just kidding we’re not friends), are royally fucking up your life.

the internet

What If The Internet Was A High School And Everyone Was Freaking Out Over Snapchat Sending Dick Pics?


I'm just so happy that BroBible makes an appearance in this video by Cracked.

university of maryland

The University Of Maryland Terp_Nation Snapchat Is Literally All Tits And Cocaine And…More Tits

By | 3 Comments

The University of Maryland is known for exactly 5 things: Sorority girls punting each other around town Basketball flash mobs Regular mobs The fact that Bentley’s is notoriously disgusting yet beloved by all Academics The fact that “academics” was the last thing that popped into my head probably goes to show…something.

dicks everywhere

This Guy Drew A New Dick Every Day On Snapchat For A Year And Documented It Into A Video


The best part about using Snapchat is being randomly surprised with dicks at any given moment.

how to take dick pics

Girl Gives Bros Ultimate Guide On Taking Dick Pics On Snapchat


There are plenty of "Do's" and "Don'ts" in the wondrous world of dick pic sharing.

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