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Man on Bathroom Break Finds a Venomous Snake in the Toilet Bowl

This is really a story about how you should never wait to the last possible moment to take a shit.

VIDEO: Jack Russell Terrier Gives No Fucks About a Deadly Cobra In His Yard

Jack Russell? More like Kurt Russell with these fighting moves.

Whoa. This Snake Is Eating Itself (Video)

Accidentally? Intentionally?

Man Has Penis Bitten by Snake Hiding in Toilet; Say It with Me, ‘AHHH!’

A 35-year-old Israeli man was rushed to the hospital on Friday after a snake appeared in his bathroom toilet, jumped at the man as he

If You Prank People On a Beach with a Fake Snake, It Will Probably Be Hilarious

As seen above. 

Cobra Bites Nepalese Farmer, So He Just Bites it Right Back

Over in Nepal, they have a unique way of treating snake bites. They just bite the serpent back, believing this will prevent any harm. While

Snake Slithers Out of Guy’s Bike While Riding at 164 MPH

If you have an Indiana Jones-like fear of snakes, you'll hate this video. Just as this Brazilian biker hits over 160 MPH, a big, long

Killer Burmese Pythons Eating Every Mammal in Florida Everglades

Giant pythons are absolutely having their way in the Florida Everglades. They're hungry and eating mammals at a breakneck pace. Beware. This isn't that soft

VIDEO: Guy From National Geographic’s ‘Snake Underworld’ Show Shoots Up Lethal Black Mamba Venom

I've said it in the past, I'll say it again: I'm an ophidiophobe and a huge p*ssy when it comes to anything regarding snakes. That

Video: Woman Gets B**b Bitten After Taunting a Snake

  JoePa found this and he sent it over to me because he hates snakes. I thought to myself, "how the f*ck could anyone hate snakes?"