Bob Woodward Says Obama’s Sobriety Harmed Government


Washington's most well-known journalist said current partisan tensions could have been eased if Barack Obama had just had a freakin' smoke.


10 Beautiful Women We’d Love to Spark With


[inline:2m2]Editors Note: We originally ran this story a couple of months ago but we thought it would be worthwhile to reissue it for today.

up in smoke

Catching Up With Tommy Chong: A Chat About Smokin’ Up And Getting It Legal


Long before Spicoli and "The Dude," a Mexican stoner stopped on the side of a Los Angeles freeway to pick up a hitchhiking drummer and burn down a colossal joint filled with "Labrador" -- one-part Maui Wowi and one-part dog shit.


What Is Your Favorite Song or Album to Listen to When You’re High?


Because many of us have baked our brains into operative retardation -- resulting in very short attention spans -- I am going to keep this brief and to the point.


Olivia Wilde in GQ, Super Mario ‘Texts from Last Night,’ NJ State Assembly Greenlights Medical Marij


[inline:ovl]Funny and Random Texts from Last Night, Super Mario Edition [College Humor] Gatorade has announced that counterfeit labels with Tiger Woods' picture and the word "unfaithful" are circulating in Colorado [Golf.


Chronic Artist Cliff Maynard Creates Dope Mosaics Out of Joint Roaches


[inline:hendrix] Most of us don't think twice about throwing away a spliff that's been smoked down to the roach.


BroBible Late Night: Top 10 Websites to Go to When You’re High


[inline:bodybag] All the bros I know like to spend their days off with a fat bowl and an empty schedule.


Stiletto Stoners are Bringing Weed Back into the Bedroom


Editor's Note: Here's the latest piece from new writer Kate, who's tapping into the minds of the most sought-after New York women to help you all figure out what it actually is that women want.


Bro-ing Up, or You Can Never Really Go Back to College


[inline:old] Two short years ago my daily schedule looked something like this: Noon: Wake and bake, breakfast, shower, TV 1 p.

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