This Study Says That These Three E-Cigarette Flavors Are Toxic In High Doses


E-cigarettes are an increasingly popular alternative to regular cigarettes, with the old fashioned cancer sticks becoming banned in more and more public places as time goes on while E-cigarettes remain largely unscathed.


This Fast Food Restaurant Accepts Dab Hits Instead Of Cash

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I hate doing dabs, they make me go from “semi-functional maybe-adult person” to “drooling TGI Friday’s potato skin” in a minute flat.


Watch This Guy’s Life Hit An All-Time Low As He Hotboxes Himself With A Condom Over His Face


I’m all about finding creative ways to get stoned, but if at any point in my life I sit down and say “You know what might just work.


Quitting Smoking For Two Years Only Adds 12 Hours To Your Life So Why Even Bother?

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Quitting smoking doesn't prolong your life all that much, it would appear.

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Hey E-Cig Smokers, Are You Enjoying Those Ridiculously High Levels Of Cancer Causing Formaldehyde?

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Both the makers and smokers of E-Cigs want you to believe they are significantly safer than smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes, but they're wrong.


This 7-Year Study Just SHATTERED The Claim That Smoking Pot Lowers Your IQ, But ONLY If You’re A ‘Casual’ User

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Back in 2012 a study done by Duke University claimed that there was a link between heavy marijuana use and lower IQ’s in teenagers, however many researchers pointed out that the study only surveyed 38 persons considered to be “heavy” users which brought up questions about whether or not the sample pool was large enough and if the results could be applicable across the population.


This Guy Smoking A McDonalds French Fry Is Probably The Most Infuriatingly Stupid Thing You’ll Watch All Day


I was expecting to watch this video and wind up thinking to myself “Wow this guy is dumb,” but instead I watched this video and wound up thinking to myself “Wow this guy is dumb and I hate him.


Stranger’s Reactions To A 9-Year-Old Trying To Bum A Light Isn’t What We Were Expecting At All 


In a social experiment conducted by YouTube’s “Whatever” channel (because YouTube is conducting experiments now), 9-year-old Jensen was sent out with a cig in his hand in an attempt to get a smoking stranger to light it for him.


This is the manliest way to light a cigarette in the history of both men and cigarettes


Dear smokers, if you're not lighting your cigarette like this guy then you're definitely doing it wrong.


New Study Says Smoking Marijuana Improves Your Lungs


Marijuana smokers even performed better than non-smokers.

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