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Stoners: You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Sparked a Bong Hit with a Magnifying Glass

I didn't even know this was possible.

This Guy DIED After He Smoked Pot For The First Time

Maybe not the best move.

New Study Says Smoking Marijuana Improves Your Lungs

Marijuana smokers even performed better than non-smokers.

Hershey Is Suing Some Manufacturers of Edible Marijuana Products

You'd think stoners would be more creative.

Andray Blache Has a Hookah Shaped Like an AK-47

Quality item.

Beware Exploding E-Cigs

Danger lurks at every corner.

Today in Irony: The Tobacco Plant May Help Cure Cancer

Alanis Morrissette would be smiling from her grave right now, if she were dead.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Gives Zero Fucks About Your Smoking Rules

Arnold Schwarzenegger paid a visit to the Facebook campus today, saying a warm "hello" to the folks at the social network. However, he wasn't particularly

Just a Map Breaking Down the Cost of Cigarettes Per State

A smoking habit is not cheap these days. However, in some states it's significantly cheaper than others.

How To Make a Pumpkin Bong

It's decorative gourd season, motherf*ckers. 

This ‘How to Quit Smoking’ Video is a Fool Proof Way to Stop Ripping Heaters

How to quit smoking, a string of words literally millions of people probably look up on Google every day. Well, Nailed It actually nailed it

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your 4/20

For those of you Bros in college, and even those of you who are not, consider yourself very lucky this year because 4/20 falls on

Huge News: You Can Smoke Until 35 With No (Okay, Few) Consequences

I don't smoke, but I've always held a special hatred for those judgemental busy-bodies who shame social smokers. You know the type: He/she is drunk at

This Guy’s Cigarette-Smoking Tricks Will Change Your Afternoon

I found this video to be equal parts inspiring, sad, and aggravating. Homeboy doesn’t give one single fuck about anything as long as he has

This Blacksmith Lighting a Cigarette with a Hammer Is the Most Badass Thing You’ll See Today

Maybe it's the residual effects of seeing Joe Camel as a child, maybe it's the film industry pumping out movies that used to feature smoking

Check Out These Hilarious Clips From Demetri Martin’s New Comedy Central Special

Funny stuff. 

The Best of ‘Smokin’ Jay Cutler’

If you've opened your internet today, there's a decent chance you stumbled across this tremendous new tumblr, which consists solely of Jay Cutler and photoshopped

Pot-Smoking Teens Risk Long-Term Damage to IQ and Show Signs Similar to Alzheimer’s

Here's the skinny, Bros: you smoke too much pot, your brain will likely rot, and you'll spend your life sleeping on a cot...in a homeless

Our Nation’s High Schoolers Love to Smoke and Drink During the Day

Our future is bright. Oh, did I say bright? I meant lit-up. Our future is lit-up.

Don’t Worry, Eating Eggs Is Not As Bad For You As Smoking

You may have seen this take over your Facebook feed yesterday, mainly propagated by girls who post a lot of Instagram photos of their brunches:

This Dropped Cigarette Has Found a Glitch In the Matrix

I defy you to a find a reason that doesn't defy simple physics for how this cigarette landed when he accidentally dropped it. Has to

Guy Asks Girl If She Smokes, Promptly Blasts Her In the Face With Truck Exhaust

What would have happened if she answered "No, I don't smoke. In fact, I find it deplorable because my entire family has emphysema"? We'll never

Two Toddlers Just Smoking Cigarettes on a Train in China

Last May there was widespread Internet outrage about an Indonesian two year old with a three packs-a-day smoking habit. You might recall the rather sweet