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The FBI Might Let Employees Smoke Pot Because Kids These Days

Federal Bong Inspectors

New Study Finds Pot-Smoking Students Outperform Cigarette Smokers

Smart people toke.

‘Pass The Pipe, Mom’: Parents Are Smoking Marijuana Now, Probably Because They Have to Deal with Us

If you’re not looking to read another piece by a 20 something on a MacBook about why we should just fucking legalize it, man, feel

Here’s a Video Making Fun of People Who Make Homemade Bongs

Allow me to direct your attention to the High Times YouTube channel for a second. They've been stepping up their game with original videos lately, including

Bad News: Pot Smokers More at Risk to Get Testicular Cancer. Good News: Cocaine Reduces That Risk

That headline is no joke. In fact, this is will probably be your "HOLY SHITFARTS WHAT THE HELL AM I READING!?!" news of the day.

Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa’s Moms Smoke Pot Together

Pittsburgh's dynamic duo -- Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller -- are on the road this summer for the "Under the Influence of Music Tour." Thanks

The 8-Step Guide to Safely Smoking Out Your Dorm Room

You know what the best part of being a freshman in college is? Ask William Wallace. That’s right: freedom. Freedom to do what the f*ck

J-Train’s World: My Case For Keeping Weed Illegal

I am not a stoner. I partake. I abide. I enjoy. But I am not a stoner. I’ve never worn Birkenstocks. I have never wondered

Kid Cudi Quits Smoking Pot Then Performs at High Times Medical C*nnabis Cup in Denver… Wait, What?

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